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Lisa Von Hallwyl a marketer with a fantastic talent in millenary, is incredibly well known in the Cotswold’s for her classy and sassy designs. At 30 years old, and looking no older than 23 I may add, Lisa has been catching the eye of the high end fashion Glossys, Vogue, Tatler and Bride Magazines, and  has rocketed straight into the sights of Fenwick Street retailers and large London Department stores.  This interview is a broad and fun insight into Lisa and her work, with  some ‘Top hat tales’

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Tales of the Top Hats

So what was your first ever inspiration for hat design and how did your first hat work out?

Wow. That takes me back. My first hat was 7 years ago for a mother of the bride based on mondrian so very colour driven and sculptural. Amazing just fun to be so experimental.

You have been famous in Cheltenham for a while, how amazing that you are also recognised nationally in huge fashion magazines such as Tatler, and Vogue.  Was this due to self  PR?  a specific design?  and if so how did it happen?

Ah wow never seen myself as famous per say. I was hugely honoured when Vogue contacted me and then Brides was just amazing. A company I’ve wanted to recognise me for years. I promote myself a lot and have been trained in marketing all my life whilst undertaking my masters at uni as well. Plus overwhelming support from companies friends and family. The design that did it was my starflower that I placed in Vogue.

London fashion houses are calling out for up  and coming designers like you, have any been looking into you at the moment?

Yes I had my recent trip to London as Fenwicks Bond Street wanted to see my new collection along with John Lewis and House of Fraser so all very exciting.

I hear you design for the amazing Beatrice von Tresckow, that  must really get your create juices flowing…. Please describe a few requests you have had from customers and show us pics of the finished products with the outfits you have designed for.

Beatrice von Tresckow is one of the most insanely talented creators I have ever met. She not only designs the most exquisite pieces but is so lovely as well. I think of them as friends too. I get so many amazing requests from clients who are so open to my creative ideas which is great.

On a fun note have you any tales of hats being so huge or fly away that they have become a accidental menace?

Ha! Once I had one lady who was dare I say eccentric beyond words and wanted the biggest hat ever to walk this earth. Me being me I wouldn’t go over the top unless it suited them. Referring back to my hat time the hat ended up being a magnet for a poop war. A duck decided to fly and dollop on the hat which was quite humorous and some say good luck too.

I hear you are an animal lover, and you using your millinery skills to help a charitable cause, who and how are you going to put this into action?

I adore animals and hate the thought of them being harmed or in pain and unloved, my plan by collaborative efforts of others is to do a wonderful event with cakes tea champagne and music with a fashion show all proceeds to go to help animals.

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As featured in Tatler June issue 2014 & British Vogue july 2015


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