L’impasse Couture (https://limpassecouture.com) by Abdul Sall made an appearance at the Cannes Fashion Festival in Cannes, France earlier this month. Model and actress Irina Miccoli mingled and posed for photos at the Five Seasons Hotel in the white Kelly gown looking effortlessly radiant alongside model and actress Natalia Kapchuk who sported the timeless, black and white Anaya gown. Both models headed to the red carpet head-to-toe in L’impasse Couture, turning heads and sparking a revolution in the world of couture. Following the red-carpet appearances, Cannes Fashion Festival attendees headed to an exclusive fashion show that showcased the latest high-end gowns from L’impasse Couture.

L’impasse Couture (https-::limpassecouture.com) by Abdul Sall .. irina micolli

limpassecouture.com) by Abdul Sall8 - Natalia Kapchuklimpassecouture.com) by Abdul Sall1 - Irina Micolli

Photos by: www.francoisberthier.com

limpassecouture.com) by Abdul Sall2 - natalia kapchuklimpassecouture.com) by Abdul Sall1 - Natalia Kapchuk and irina micolli

Photos from Look book.

limpassecouture.com) by Abdul Sall7 limpassecouture.com) by Abdul Sall4 limpassecouture.com) by Abdul Sall6

For more details go to: https://limpassecouture.com


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