beautiful-mother-silhouette-with-her-children-HR butterflys pink reverse, will be launching in September, the concept is to exude positivity into all things female that may once before have been pushed to the bottom of the priority list, the focus is on mums which are bringing up children without a live-in partner.

The website to empower, inspire and unite and provide ways to realize that feeling and looking good is enjoyable and within reach.

Go Mama Go founders Natalie Bynorth (left) & Jo Betteridge

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GoMumaGo was created to make the most of that lonely time in the evenings, when the bambinos are sleeping and to not only alleviate the sense of being  trapped in the house, but to turn it into a time to chat and enjoy, to mingle, be lit up with inspiration and empowered to feel gorgeous and feel the confidence to achieve their hearts desires.

Go Mama Go is packed with articles to inject effervescent optimism and a hint of humor into life, whilst providing practical information on a huge range of subjects. And for more detailed advice and problem-solving,Go Mama Go’s unique First Aid Kits will assist in (non-medical!) emergencies; from self-development to dating, through work, business, fashion, styling, making time to feel fantastic  and parenting to benefits/ finances, legal rights, and running a household, Go Mama Go’s got it covered!” Jo Betteridge, Founder.

Free to all, will be a monthly column from popular Soberistas blogger Lucy Rocca, and best-selling author and international behavioral skills consultant Liggy Webb… the site will interestingly be the first of its kind to have a monthly ‘Sanctuary’ subscription of £4.99, providing a safe, private space to meet and converse with other Single Mothers, as well as featuring:

Life-changing First Aid Kits | Girls’ Night In chatboard | Members’ personal profiles/stories | Babysitting pool | Events and meet-ups | Panel of experts including GP, World-renowned Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, ‘Dream Job’ Coach, Nanny, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Hairstylist | Forum for swapping/selling pre-loved items including kids’ toys and clothes | Generous member discounts on holidays, goods and services to make life enjoyable and more affordable for Single Mothers.

For more information please contact Jo Betteridge ( or Natalie Bynorth (

Gill Kirkham

Gill Kirkham


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