LA-RI Solutions – ITALY – Eiffel Collection Watch Winders.

LA-RI Solutions an Italian Lifestyle Brand has proudly announced that it has recently launched its all-new Eiffel Collection of Italian Watch Winders, introducing this all-new collection with MT01 and MT02 .

There are plenty of solutions on the market to keep an automatic watch running, but they never really speak to the quality and craftsmanship of a fine timepiece. So when we launched the Eiffel Collection, the MT01 & MT02 luxury watch winders, we set our sights extremely high and embarked on a journey to build the Ferrari of watch winders!

Designed and manufactured in Italy, the Eiffel Collection is a new vision in luxury watch winders. Master crafted from furniture grade woods and handmade with the finest materials (i.e. supple leather, ebony, gold leaf, etc.), the MT01 & MT02 look as beautiful standing still as they do in action. 

Both winders come with 5 Default TPD Programs and possibility to customize rotations, a unique sleep mode for night-time use and motion  sensor to ri-activated, then ambient lighting for the perfect touch of relaxing in Chromotherapy. Plus the MT01 even comes equipped with wireless charging capabilities for your smartphone, giving you the ultimate in convenience and practicality. 

Both models are available in multiple finishes and are priced to fit most budgets.




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