Are Mermaids real? Legends say that the pure gold blood of mermaids holds the secret to eternal beauty. The Evil Queen hunted down their kind to extinction in her effort to stay young forever. Many have fallen in their attempts to hunt the few that remained, for the kiss of a siren is poison to all she doesn’t love.

With their commitment to revolutionizing hair care through an innovative and dynamic approach, it only seemed fitting for NuMe Products to use their creative foundation when producing the brand’s first fashion film, Kiss of a Siren.

On July 26, 2014, Kiss of a Siren, took home awards for Best Film and Best Costume Design at the La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival. The film came into the festival with eight nominations including Best Makeup, Best Hair, Best Director and Best Film.

NuMe acquired a dream team of award winning filmmakers, celebrity stylists and top hair and makeup artists to assist in the process. Directed by Miguel Gauthier and Viktorija Pashuta, Kiss of a Siren is the ultimate visual story that exemplifies fashion in all its forms.

By Penelope Brooke-Hamilton

Penelope Brooke-Hamilton

Penelope Brooke-Hamilton

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