Justyna Monde (www.jusmonde.com)  is a fashion influencer and model that grew up most of her life in Germany, Poland and France but is currently based in London/NYC.

Since launching her blog in 2017, she was able to attract a continuously growing audience and engage with her followers about fashion, art, events, style, travel and tv via social media. Justyna is a great inspiration for any young woman, who likes to live up the dream of conquering the whole world, presenting beauty and different fashion styles, attraction and love whenever she goes.

She stands for female empowerment.

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❤️ Je t‘aime ❤️ . I had always a deep connection and relation to France as my mothers second marriage was to a wonderful husband of Compiègne France ❤️ . As a child I spent lot of times in France but my language skills are not that good anymore #JustynaMonde 😂 . . Compiègne has a also a wonderful story of #Chanel ❤️ Chanel met a former cavalry officer and wealthy heir to a textile fortune named #EtienneBalsan. By the age of #23 Chanel had become his mistress and she moved into his chateau, Royallieu, located in #Compiegne. Chanel’s lifestyle improved immensely and she was soon living a leisurely and lavish life with days spent in equestrian pursuits and nights socializing with Balsan and his friends. Balsan indulged Chanel’s every whim and showered her with gifts of #beautifuldresses and #jewelry. But Chanel had many hours of idle time and she was looking for a diversion to fill the hours of the day. So, she began making her own #hats mostly because she could not find the styles that she preferred. Some of the women that came to Royallieu liked her #hats and requested that Chanel make ones for them. – a lifestyle blog by Barbara Jones – Photo: @michaelcreagh @theconfessionalshowroomnyc @the_confessional_showroom_nyc

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