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JP Dayton, being a fifteen year old model has recently signed with ESI management ( to broaden and expand on his opportunities as an actor.


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He has trained at ‘The Second City’, ‘Feature Film Camp’ and coached by Tony O’Dell, Peggy O’Rouke and Su Coffey which has all led to his first lead role in feature film ‘Diablo Canyon’, a story of a kidnapped survivor and a sheriff pairing together to catch a vicious murderer, being but a stepping stone on his journey to becoming the successful actor he is determined to be.

JP Dayton (4)JP Dayton (3)JP DaytonOnly being 15 but oozing confidence and charisma, i can see his career in the arts, whether it be fashion, film or music,  being a long and successful one.With a lead role in feature film ‘The Lake’, as well as staring in short films, web series and numerous educational features JP is turning out to be a rising young star in the making.

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