Interview with British TV Host, Johny Pach. Talking about working for a luxury entertainment channel called V Channel on SKY671 & MyVApp and his big move to LA.

By: Matthew John.

Matthew: What made you decide to more to LA?

Johny: I sort of had a very lucky break! Last February I was flown out to LA, to host a big fashion show for the House of Ikons at the For the Stars Fashion House on Melrose Avenue, and I feel in love with LA instantly. The show was a massive success, I was at my best when presenting on stage, I had allot of TV executives and agents coming to see what I was all about and one particular channel V Channel, were on the hunt for a male British TV Host exactly the same time I was in LA. I literally smashed an audition for the channel 5 hours before my flight home. I was on the way home having an incredible 5 day experience in sunny LA and thought to myself wow I need to live and work in LA now, this is the place where I am supposed to be. V Channel interviewed 20 candidates for the role a week after mine when I was back in the UK and they didn’t find anyone with as much enthusiasm as me and they offered me a contract.
I was blown away with the contract offer and immediately accepted, but the next 8 months would prove the most challenging experience I have ever encountered in my life.

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Matthew: How hard was the transition from moving from London to LA?

Johny: It was probably the craziest thing I have ever done, The lead up to the move was incredibly hard, I put myself under so much pressure, it was hard going back to London last March, having to work so so hard in my full time Business Development role at Old Street Marketing and having the thought in the back of my mind that I had just been offered an amazing TV contract to live and work in Hollywood for V Channel. I had to work hard to save up at least £15,000 to prepare myself for the mega move, I had to find a place to live which I have to thank my room mate Alka for easing the stress on that end – let alone getting the 0-1 Visa, which at times it seemed I would never ever get, but I took a big chance, always believed and was not afraid at taking a leap of faith, I received the Visa 5 months over due on October 1st and flew out to start my LA adventure 5 days later. After so many months of pain, when I landed in LA the rest was easy!.

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Matthew: Can you tell us what you have been doing out here since you arrived?

Johny: I am currently producing my own V Channel show “Showbuzz”, I have incorporated a whole new red carpet element into the channel, covering various film premiere’s and the biggest celebrity events Hollywood has to offer, I am building new brand partnerships for the network as well as increasing our exposure with new channel distribution partnerships and social media presence.

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Matthew: What are the best parts of living in LA?

Johny: I have to say its incredibly enjoyable and rewarding. Life in Hollywood is allot more relaxed, creative, positive and that’s important with the heavy work load. I think if you love what you are doing then it doesn’t event feel like work it’s just fun but best of all your getting paid to do your dream job.

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Matthew: What is your biggest achievement at V Channel so far?

Johny: Three big achievement spring to mind and I have accomplished this is just under 5 months. Firstly – Producing my very own show “Showbuzz” covering various red carpet events in Hollywood and executing our luxury products into the show.
Secondly – Setting up a major partnership with Egard Watches, becoming the first ever UK vendor to sell Egard watches and incorporating these watches into my show. Thirdly- I have just recently set up a big channel distribution partnership with FilmOnTV. V Channel will now distribute to over 12million homes globally and we will launch this in April.

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Matthew: Do you have anything else in the pipe-line?

Johny: I cannot say too much because as it is top secret, but we recently filmed the Pilot for my brand new “Jimmy Fallon” MTV style show, with a new channel network which will have a massive distribution globally across 53million and my show will air every evening prime time at 10pm, I am absolutely buzzing and so grateful for the opportunity. I am also part of a film critics type show with a production company back in the UK, I have three modeling shoots coming up, a commercial and a short film and I am going to be hosting a few live events , so you can see that I am extremely busy and loving life!.

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Matthew: What do you miss back home?
Johny: Family and friends obviously, a small home comforts like PG Tips, Marmite, and my grandads roast dinner. But what I do not miss is the British weather and the tubes in the morning when you’re pressed up against someone’s sweaty arm pit.

Matthew: What’s the best part about living here?

Johny: The weather! It’s so nice to just jump in your car, drive to work, the sun is shining, beautiful warm breeze on your face and listening to Ryan Secrest on Kiss FM. I find that creativity is at its highest in Hollywood, everyone is so enthusiastic & positive here and wants to get the job done. TV opportunities here are at its highest and I would urge anyone in the industry to just find a way and get out here. I find that people look after themselves more, not going out all the time and getting wasted, eating clean and working out. I have adapted this strongly in my life, working out every day in my gym, morning runs over the park, swimming in my pool, meditation and relaxing by the beach every weekend. There is so much going on in LA, you need to unwind and have peace of mind where ever possible.

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Matthew: What advice can you give to anyone planning to come to Hollywood?

Johny: Advice for anyone looking to move to Hollywood. Have a established job role before you move with your contracts tied up. The move is hard enough let alone landing here and trying to look for a job at the same time.. Get your driving license straight away, also your health insurance. Save as much money as you can! I spent £15,000 in my first weeks here when I moved, you need a car so purchase a car and do not lease it’s a waste of money, every apartment is unfurnished so you need to purchase all your own furniture, when moving in your apartment you will need to pay a bunch of add on’s on top of your rent, insurance etc so be prepared for that and don’t be afraid to fail when you get here, it’s a big move and you learn the hard way for example I went to A&E on my first week for a back problem with no insurance and then received a $2,000 bill 3 weeks later. So little stuff like that you learn the hard way, America is very different to the UK in every way but it’s also extremely exciting, so get excited and move out and make your dreams a reality.

Matthew: What is your favorite TV program?

Johny: I actually do not watch much TV I just appear on it. But regular shows are “Shark Tank” I absolutely love new business ventures and I find it very inspiring. Other shows like Family Guy help me to relax and unwind in a fun way, I chuckle myself to sleep.

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Matthew: What do you here on spare time?
Johny: Chill on the beach, surfing and cruising around Venice on my skateboard. Gym, Swim, Meditate, network, chill with friends and date the LA women, who I have to say are all a bit crazy!.

Matthew: What has been your highlight so far being in LA?

Johny: The highlights has to be landing my own show which will be launching very soon, I was very grateful for the new TV network in taking a big chance with my abilities, spending allot of money on the pilot and trusting me to be a huge success with my own show “The Spin”. But I have to say every day is an amazing adventure, there is so much going on, I am a big time film buff so I feel grateful and special to be here walking amongst the stars of Hollywood.



For more on Johny Pach he is currently addicted to snapchat, @johnypachtag. You can also follow him on IG Johny_Pach, Twitter JohnyPach and his new website

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