Jerome Elbrycht grew up in France enjoyed skateboarding and snowboarding until his accident in 1998, his life changed forever when he realized that he would never walk again.
Documentary film maker Jerem Condamine follows Jerome’s passion for extreme sports after his injury.
Within a year he was back on the mountain in the snow doing what he loved the most.
Eighteen years of experience in sit-ski earned Jerome an official invitation to compete at the Winter X-games in Aspen (Colorado), getting him closer to achieving his dream of winning a gold medal and be on top of the podium in the sport of sit-skiing.
To reach his dream he travelled for 2 months in the USA, from California through Las Vegas into the Grand Canyon and beyond. Meeting along the way famous paralympic athletes such as Alana Nichols, Erik Bayindirli, and many amazing people who make their disability a strength.

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