Interview with Isaac Rawlins.

What made you first become interested in modelling?
Isaac: Wasn’t planning on ever modelling. My family and friends and then co-workers said I should try it out cause I look like a model so I did.

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You are athletic and fit. What is your fitness routine? Do you have any advice or tips to give fitness models, looking to get into shape?
Isaac: Fitness routine would be Monday-Saturday for 2-4 hours of working out. It’s all based on your diet and how hard you train and genetics help a lot. You can have 5 different people eat and workout the same way but their genetics will really determine the rest.

What has been your favorite photo-shoot. Where would it be? What would you be wearing and would it have a theme?
Isaac: Future photo shoot, that’s hard to say. Never really put much thought into where I would really want to shoot. But I would love to Justus travel everywhere and shoot and give my story out there and to show people someone who had nothing can be someone to those who are in the same position and make it far in life.

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As someone who loves tattoo’s. How do you go about deciding what tattoos to have? Do you have a favorite tattoo? Too chose two or three of your tattoos – do they have stories behind them, and if so what is the story?
Isaac: All my tattoos have a meaning behind them and they have a story to tell for each one. I think about my past and what effected me a lot and hen I start thinking what would fit for the tattoo and then the placement would be if it look right or not and how my image would be with it. My forearm, my elephant on my leg and my words across my back above my wings.

Isaac Rawlins

Are you planning to have anymore tattoo’s, and if so, what of?
Isaac: I do plan on getting more and want to be covered but I have many more years to experience things in life and then decide on why to get.

If you were to be stranded on desert island, what celebrity would you like to be stranded with and why?
Isaac: Jason Statham would be the celebrity don’t really know what it is but I’m always liked his style in movies and how he holds himself as a actor in more of his action movies.

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What are your dreams and desires for the future?
Isaac: Dreams and desires would to raise my daughter right and to give her everything I never had. To have a family and 2 more kids and get married. I would want to carry on my career with modelling and be able to make it a living. Hopefully I may one day fall into acting.


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