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Consort interviews Stuart Reardon.

Consort: What is your personal aim this season?
Stuart: Personal aim for this season would be to stay injury free as I have had some bad injuries during my career, play the best I can week in week out, it will be a really competitive league this year, our team goal will be to gain promotion and the end of the season.

Consort: If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be?
Stuart: The NFL super bowl! It’s a worldwide awesome sporting event, plus I’m a fan of American football so it would be great to attend one.

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Consort: Most embarrassing moment on a rugby field?
Stuart: All athletes have experienced bad times or embarrassing movements throw-out there career, losing, being booed, making mistakes, playing bad, I have had a taste of them all its just a part of sport.

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Consort: Growing up who was your all time favourite rugby player?
Stuart: I wasn’t a massive fan of watching Rugby at a young age even though there was some amazing players around, I just love playing the game.

Consort: Who is the funniest teammate?
Stuart: A lot of the lads have got some good banter to be honest I couldn’t just pick one, we are all pretty funny in our own way, there is always a lot of practical jokes and comedy involved in team sports it helps create a bond among the players.

Consort: Who is your dream date?
Stuart: I’m taken so my dream date would be with my girl Emma, somewhere warm with great food.

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Consort: Best practical joke you have seen one of the boys play?
Stuart: Fake reporter phone call interviews are some of the best! pranks! I’m pretty good and doing them. we call one of the lads pretending to be a local paper and interview them over the phone, we record the interview ask normal questions for the first few minutes to make it sound real, then we let loose curve ball Q&A’s its a good prank.

Consort: What training drill do you dread the most?
Stuart: I enjoy training I always have, but skills conditioning is always very hard, the YOYO test is tough! 100 metre turn a round’s timed are very tough. any of these 3 are going to e a tough training session.

Consort: One word to describe you?
Stuart: DY-NA-MITE!
Consort: What lead you to a modelling career?
Stuart: I just followed my feet and fell into it really! no real story behind it, I think if you put yourself out there it could lead to something good, modelling is a good promotion tool for any Athlete.

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Consort: The most fun photo shoot you have ever shot, and why?
Stuart: I went LA in January to shoot for Axiom for men! which was great, I went out to Vegas in October for the Lovenbooks Author event, both are great places to go.

Consort: If you were stranded on island, which female model/ celebrity would like to be stranded with?

Stuart: With my Emma, I wouldn’t want to be stranded with anyone else.
Consort: If you could design your dream photo shoot, what would it be?
Stuart: Somewhere warm would be great Bali, the Caribbean, Greece, I like the sun it makes me happy, we don’t see enough of it in the UK.

Consort: What are some of your favorite designers?
Stuart: Diesel, Levi, I dress casual jeans and T-shirt, converse.

Consort: A fun fact people might not be aware of?
Stuart: I’m learning to play the guitar.

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