Manor By The Lake is a splendid Victorian mansion house and award winning gardens is just on the borders of Cheltenham, Next to the Film Studios.

Ideal for film location, weddings and events, with it’s twelve individually designed guest rooms featuring four-poster beds and en-suite bathrooms.

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The manor, built between 1856 and 1858, had been rundown in recent years, until Michael and his partner Tammy bought it in 2013, restoring it to its former glory.

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Hannah: If you were not running a stately home, what profession or industry do you think you would be in?

Michael: My dream for many years was a professional racing or rally driver, but realistically if I wasn’t doing this I’d like a Care home business.

Hannah: Many owners over the centuries have put their stamp on the house, due to their personal tastes and the fashion of the era. How would you describe your own influence over the design of the house? And how has our era, changed the design or running of the house?

Michael: We have kept the core of the house as it was, in fact we restored some parts back to the built era as some had been changed in the 60’s, the main changes that are from this era we have implemented are super efficient WiFi, phone and TV’s, , modern heating, great showers with plenty of hot water, also up to date comfortable beds and bedding.

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Hannah: Which is your most admired or loved “design” element of the house, whether it be architecture or interior?

Michael: It has to be the flag pole tower, the first time we approached the house I said wow! look it has a tower like a castle, imagine owning a place with that!

Hannah: What changes do you think your future heirs will have on the house?

Michael: Not too many, just fixtures and fittings I reckon.

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Hannah: What do you love the most about Manor by the lake?

Michael: The walk from the lower car park through the path up to the main front door.

Hannah: What is the one thing you feel you would like to change about Manor by the Lake?

Michael: Quite a few little things because I’m a perfectionist, nothing major springs to mind?

Hannah: Are there any future projects, events, plans on the horizon?

Michael: At the Manor our main business is weddings but I’d love to have one or two dinner dances with a star of some sort. Now this is up and running we are looking for a similar project around the Midlands.


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