Interview with the show creator Jabari A. K. Holder. Executive Producer/Writer/Director/Editor Jabari A. K. Holder is an artist with many talents. Whether he is writing, producing, directing, photographing, editing, or acting, his work focuses on unique perspectives encouraging viewers to take a fresh look at what we call “normal.” In 2013, he founded Just A Kreation in a Box Productions with the mission of helping companies, artists, and individuals capture and share their stories with the world.

As part of his own ever evolving creative journey, earlier this year Jabari came up with the idea for a new series and ‘420 Escapades’ was born.

Carla -How did the series come about? Why 420?

Jabari – “I made a new years resolution to take on a challenge that I hadn’t done before, five minutes later, I saw a meme that informed me that 4/20 is an entire month this year and I couldn’t stop laughing at how some of my friends would react to a month-long 4/20 experience. A few days later, I started writing the first episode.”

Carla – Tell us about the casting and filming process?

Jabari – “Because I started to write the show on January 3rd, the turn around time to premiere on April 1st was extremely tight, which meant that every part of production had to happen quickly. We had one day of in-person auditions, two weeks of rehearsal, and seven production days spread across three weekends. Despite the short time table, we had a ton of fun making this series. Ariel, Jude, and Greg perfected their characters in the first rehearsal, Stephanie’s portrayal of Audrey added new depth to the role, and Isaiah’s improvisational acting kept the material fresh every take. I’m incredibly thankful to the entire cast and the crew for their professionalism and support in creating this show.”

Carla -Is there a favorite character or one that you relate to?

Jabari – “My favorite character is a tough question to answer. I’d have to say that it is a tie between Brittany and Juan because I had the most fun writing their scenes. “

Carla -What is it about the series that you think people are drawn to?

Jabari – “4/20 Escapades is a fun show that features characters you’d want to invite over to smoke. Between premonitions, revolutions, and imaginary friends, 4/20 Escapades pays homage to people who enjoy being high. “

Carla -If you had to describe the series in one word what would it be? Also, one word to describe each character. 

Jabari – “The Series: Drigh (it means drunk and high)

Audrey: Bougie

Brittany: Jedi

Jay: Loud

Juan: Spontaneous

Ryan: Cursed”

Carla -Any plans for a follow-up season?

Jabari – “Absolutely! We plan to invite audiences to join us for more 4/20 Escapades in April 2021.”

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