Introducing Alex, Camden, and Drew who make up boy band extraordinaire, FINALE.

Christian Iles sat down with Alex Hinsky for a little one on one.


In 2014, a nationwide search over the course of six months brought Alex, Camden and Drew together. After several vigorous cuts and regrouping, FINALE finally came together in July.Camden was the first to be locked in. His suave style and smooth vocal tones set the bar high for finding the final two members. A short time later, Drew’s high energy dance style and standard-breaking rap skills were discovered. Finally, Alex signed on after a chance meeting led to his audition. His powerful high singing range and musical experience made him the final commodity to lock in the trio.

Since its inception, FINALE has been vigorously working to prove that they have what it takes to be at the same level as today’s hottest boy band contenders. With the inability to accept ‘no’ as an answer, these three continue to show that they are here to stay. With solid performances under their belts, numerous red carpet appearances, and countless hours in rehearsals and writing sessions, the guys continue to gain the experience and lessons needed to succeed.The thing that sets FINALE apart from the crowd is that they are dedicated to their craft and are willing to work. They don’t expect anything to be handed to them, so they find the ways. With talent, dancing and songs to set the bar high, these three will be a success story worth watching.


Inteview with Alex Hinsky.

by Christian Iles.


Christian:  Who in the group writes your songs? Or is it a collaboration of the entire group?

Alex: One of the things that makes us such a strong unit is the fact that we all write on all of our material. We don’t split up parts and say “here, you take this part and I’ll take this part.” We just sit down with an idea and all contribute to make a hit. It’s pretty cool to see our separate ideas come together to form one piece. It’s definitely one of the biggest contributing factors to what makes us, us.


Christian: You all seem equally busy modeling, as well. Easy on the eyes, I would say. Do you enjoy modeling and performing in FINALE equally?

Alex: Modeling for us is really a hobby. We enjoy it, have been blessed with the extra income from it, but FINALE is our passion. We live and breathe our music. We have really grown, not only as a band, but a brotherhood. We’re so excited for what’s to come!


Christian? How would you best describe your style and what do you want people to take away from your songs?

Alex :When we initially were bought together we were pretty much doing r&b, which we love. But it didn’t take us long to realize that we each have such a different sound that it would be wise to capitalize on that and bring in different genres to create OUR sound. Camden is an incredible soulful singer. He has this Sam Smith sound that we didn’t want to put a cap on by sticking to just r&b. We’re working on a ballad right now where Camden’s vocals are serious gold. Alex brings the power notes when we need them. He’s able to hear harmonies and parts that seamlessly raise the bar in our material. When we let Drew loose with a pen and tell him to write, he GOES. He’s an incredible lyricist and he has a deep sexiness to his tone that rounds out the other two guys sound. Our three sounds together make for a very unique style that if compared to any other artist, it wouldn’t be accurate. Take a listen for yourself! 🙂


Christian: What’s in store for FINALE in the New Year? Are you working on some new songs?

Alex: At the end of January we will be finishing up in the studio for our upcoming project (announcement to be made soon). In February we’ll begin working on our next music video due to be out this summer! We have a lot lined up in the next couple months that we’re really excited about! Be sure to keep up with us on our Facebook fan page, Twitter and Instagram for the latest news.


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