Interview with Fashion Designer, Sophie Reyes

By Matthew John

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-What made you decided to pursue a career in fashion?
Sophie Reyes “Since I was young, I always enjoyed the characters you can become with different clothes and costumes. As I grew older, I then began to fall in love with shapes, techniques and the industry. But my initial love started like most young girls, dressing up and becoming a different person or emphasizing a mood feeling I was in.
As time went by, I began to get awards and won several national competitions for my designs. In 2007 I was invited to the Cannes Shopping Festival, where then I then began to learn about the business, branding aspect.”

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-What do you consider the most important part of the fashion industry?
Sophie “Each aspect of the fashion industry is surprisingly different, and each very creative. The market and customers are the most important. You want to bring them something new. Something that makes them feel great about themselves.”

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-What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?
Sophie “I like the process of creating a dress. From the moment I sketch the designs. Choosing the fabric. The imagination becoming a reality.”

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-Define “Fashion?
Sophie “Be Yourself. Make your own style.”

-How would you describe your personal style?
Sophie “Sophisticated and adventurous. The line couture “Sapphire” embodies the freedom of women through natural shades, working with the female body and how the light works with a figure and dress.”

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-Where do you get your inspiration from?
Sophie “My inspiration comes from everything around me on a daily basis. Ideas I find on trips, visits, architecture, animals, flowers, museums, paintings, churches, or the passers-by”

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-What do you love most about living in Paris?
Sophie “Paris is an exciting city. I love the beauty of the monuments and the different atmospheres of the city. Paris for me is an association of small villages with different and beautiful peculiarities. We can travel from one neighborhood to another and find become part of a different world, community.”

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-What is your favorite area in Paris and why?
Sophie “Recently I discovered the cafe/restaurant “Chez Wig” and their Happy Hour special wig.”

“Who is your favourite designer?
Sophie “Christian Dior will remain forever the greatest in my eyes.”

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“What are your plans for the future?
Sophie “My short-term goal is to develop and implement in shops my line ready to wear “K-Meleon” and to integrate a list of creations for Haute Couture, as a guest member, of the French federation of the Haute Couture.”

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