Interview with Donny Boaz

by Christian Iles.

There is a rising star in the South (USA) and he is definitely on his way to being a key player in Hollywood. I am speaking of none other, Donny Boaz, actor and model extraordinaire. Now this is one busy guy on the move. Whether you have seen him in his recurring role on Dallas; a supporting role in the Anna Nicole Smith Story, NCIS, or even a supporting role in the motion picture Left Behind, starring Nicolas Cage; Donny Boaz is a fantastic actor that we will all be seeing a lot of in the coming years.

Donny BoazDonny Boaz (5) Donny Boaz (4)

Christian: What or who first got you interested in acting and modeling?

Donny: I was personal training while I was in college, during the off season of playing football, and a lady approached me and asked if I had ever done any modeling. I said, “modeling was for the birds. Nobody wants to do that.” She said, that she liked my look and thought I had what it took. I finally conceded and allowed her too take me to a modeling agency. She took me to Kim Dawson there in Dallas. They signed me and my life was honestly changed forever. First job was for M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) Made more money in a couple hours than I did all week as personal trainer. Modeling was no longer just for the birds. Second job was for Abercrombie in San Francisco. Third job was a runway show in Milan. Between the ages of 19 and 25 I was blessed to traveled to 25 countries all with the job. Greatest perk of the job in my opinion was getting to see the world at a young age.

Donny Boaz (8)Donny Boaz (8)
When I was 23 I moved back from Paris and went into Kim Dawson. While there, an acting agent, Susan Karr, walked up to me and asked if I had ever done any acting. I said, “I played a robot in the 6th grade in a school play. She told me that didn’t count. “But”, she said, “you look like this character, you should go try out for this movie.” So, I did. My very first audition I booked a supporting role, PFC Patrick Miller, on a made for TV Movie of the week, 12 million dollar budget film on NBC, ‘Saving Jessica Lynch.’ Filmed for 3 weeks in Dallas, where they turned 9 square blocks of downtown Dallas into Al Nasiriyah, Iraq. I loved the training that the film gave me. Military vehicle training and weapons training. Getting paid to learn is so much better than paying to learn. Fell in love with acting and knew what I wanted to pursue for the rest of my life. Now, eleven years later, 100 projects later, still pursuing it. I love my job.


Christian: Do you prefer acting in motion pictures or in television?

Donny: I think I prefer film to TV because you constantly get to create new characters in new stories. The market has really changed in the last 10 years. TV stars are now the stars. Now, to even get invited to be a part of a big film your name has to be on a list. How do you get your name on that list? You have to book a lead on a TV show. So, that is now my 2015 goal. To book my own TV show.


Christian: Would you ever consider acting on Broadway?
Donny: I’d love to do theatre. i’d love to do Broadway. It’d be an absolute honor to be working on Broadway. Truth: I’ve done over 100 projects in film and TV. I’ve never done any theatre. Unless you count playing that robot in my 6th grade play.


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