ConsortPR: “How did the movie come along?”

Deepak: “I was writing my first script on Sh. Mikha Singh in 2008.I did a lot of research for a year but unfortunately that project was taken up by a big filmmaker that time. I was shattered because rarely you got such real stories. I tried to submit my research and shown my willingness to join as a team but nothing had been materialized that time. I got decent experience in TV and Films but, unfortunately my father had received a heart attack and I had to come back to Delhi in 2011.

I had to join an MNC due to financial constraints. Every day, I had to travel a lot to work and it was impossible to take a home in Gurgaon due to sky-rocket prices .I gradually noticed, it was a great concern in everyone’s life, be it a CEO or a manager. I find people tensed and sacrificing all their productive years, being slaves for their homes. Once, my close relative, who works in Chandni Chowk as salesman, told me about his grief of being a tenant in Delhi and his personal suffering & struggle to buy a home. Shockingly, he actually ended up being a male prostitute for his desire to have a roof on his head. Unfortunately, the male gender has always been considered enjoying any opportunity of being physical but he was so depressed and self-guilty. He remained so depressed and cynical every time I met him. The story of Raja (name changed) was fascinating and disturbing enough to give me enough belief that it must be filmed. Alternatively I started working on telling his story in such a way that minimum alteration is required and the screenplay must not be too heavy to be experienced by viewers.

Though, due to privacy reasons, I have re-worked the various aspects to suit the content but I have kept the basic suffering and experience as it is. The final draft took four months and next two months to develop screenplay with no idea about how I would manage to get funds to make, The Lost Salesman of Delhi.


I tried my hands on fund raising websites but was not lucky enough to meet my target. When I had shared this idea to one of my friend and one of my clients, which is an LED, based company, they were ready to help with a reasonable fund. From here, the idea of having multiple collaborations came to my mind and still when I managed to gather funds around 50% only, there, I decided to put my savings in making TLSOD as I was desperate to tell Raja’s Story to everyone. I am yet to realize what was the exact motivation to challenge me to film this story but today I feel more satisfied and would be happier if it reaches to wider audience.”
Ashiesh Kumar J, who played the protagonist, “Raja” was quite thrilled when he got selected for TLSOD. It was a great challenge for him to portray as a raw salesman because he was grown up in an urban environment. Ashiesh is an alumnus from Barry john institute.

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Ashiesh tells, “It took me little time to behave like a salesman and I actually worked for 2 weeks at a saree shop so that I can learn the basic of their craft and body language”. Further, “When I was briefed by Deepak, Director of TLSOD, I could see his affection and concern about the main character, it was very heart touching experience for me & whole team because we are well aware of the pain of having a home in Capital, and it is beyond common man’s capacity. How anyone can think of having a decent shelter where nothing comes less than a crore?”.

ConsortPR: “Why such a dire subject?
Deepak: “Well, I always feel more liberty in telling stories which are raw & real. Today, housing is a major concern in all metro and tier-2 cities. It is a growing tussle between who haves and have-nots.I don’t understand how a common man can buy a property of crore rupees in normal scenario. Sadly, all Government schemes of proving shelter to middle class and poor is on paper only. Additionally I have witness people compromising in every industry for getting a decent shelter on their heads. Having a home is the biggest need in anyone’s life and those who don’t have a decent shelter have to face lot of social abuse at many stages in their lives. There is a social stigma of about male prostitutes, having fun on the job and earning money too, but here, Raja had never shared a single occasion where he enjoyed his profession and how could you enjoy being physical after working nine hours on a shop and then serving physically depressed clients of eccentric nature. Please don’t go with the conventional thinking of gigolos getting rich and beautiful clients every time, but normally they get ugly, depressed and heartless people. Obviously, beautiful women of any age needn’t pay normally to get these services, so it is natural to face clients who are looking someone to obey them as dogs and they enjoy victim’s suffering. I feel a strong need to share what I have researched and that is how, TLSOD happened.”

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ConsortPR: ” What are the reactions of the general public, if any?”
Deepak: “We released, “The Lost Salesman of Delhi” trailer last month and we received tremendous reaction from all over the world. We received many emails, majorly from USA, France and INDIA We did couple of screenings in Mumbai & Delhi for close people and they were shocked to see this bitter truth. They have agreed about their suffering of other nature for just having a roof on their heads. They were literally shocked and upfront about TLSOD, additionally, they also have seen their friends compromising in corporate jobs and it is almost impossible for a common man to buy am decent home in metro cities. We got couple of mails from Film festivals abroad for the screening of the movie and we hope to get something very soon and keeping our finger crossed.”

ConsortPR: “Any negative comments?”
Deepak “It’s a very sensitive subject and we have been told not to keep it so abusive but as a filmmaker I had this conscious choice of keeping it as real as possible I can, and we have two different versions of the movie for extra sensitive people.”

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ConsortPR: What’s next?
Deepak: I am writing and looking for a producer for my next movie. I am learning the art of marketing and PR with my first baby i.e. TLSOD and feel to keep a balance between being creative and being promoter but later wins rarely. I feel that Bollywood is desperately looking for new superstars who could be among the present actors, leaving three top stars of today or completely a new face. I am meeting few talented people with known and unknown background and hopefully something will finalize by year end. Additionally, I have plans to do seminars on Film production for new entrants in industry to share my knowledge and helping them to understand the concept of cost optimization in film production.



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