Interview with David R. Butler from The Glass Protégé 

by Conor McCrohanégé

David Butler

David Butler

Why did you decide to take this role?

I’m always interested in good LGBT writing and I‘d heard about the work Giant Cherry were doing in London and the U.S. Originally I auditioned merely for a role in the promotional video that was going to be used to promote the production in Chicago. Upon reading the script I was keen, and really thought it was a story I wanted to be a part of. I actually auditioned via self-tape as I was unable to attend the casting, I was then offered the role for the promotional video but during the months preceding, things changed and they decided it would be easier to film in the U.S. so I was a bit gutted but these things happen. Shortly after I was told they would be doing a London run, and that’s when they offered me the role to play the lead. I nearly bit there arm off snapping it up.

What is the most challenging part of this role?

The role requires a honest vulnerability, and nudity in quite an intimate space. This is always a little daunting, but with such great writing and cast I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it.

David Butler- The Glass Protege

David Butler- The Glass Protege

What is the most fun part of this role?

The play is set in Hollywood in the 40’s, I love period work, and I think every actor dreams about stepping back in time to the golden years of Hollywood.

How many countries is the play showing in, and which is the one you are most excited about?

The play is playing in Chicago and London, I’m only playing in the London cast, which in itself is very exciting. London is not only my home but my favorite city in the world. And the Park Theater is a stage I’m very excited to be treading.
What are the most important attributes for being successful in Theater?

Being brave, honest and hard as nails. There is so much talent out there but to be able to stand on a stage and be vulnerable in front of a paying audience night after night, is something that requires great bravery.

What is your favorite play?

I am a big fan of Ibsen, I think Public Enemy is certainly up there.

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What are your major influences?

It’s those moments when we watch a film, read a novel or watch a piece of theatre, where you are truly moved or challenged that makes it all worthwhile. Growing up you become more aware at the difficulties of living day to day, the ideals and structures we are brought up with as children, are no longer the safe haven we thought they were, and we see so much pain happening around us or to us. Theater and film creates a space where we can share stories, let the light in and be vulnerable and truly human. Many people have the misconception that an actor’s job is to pretend or lie. Actually our job is to tell the truth, something much more challenging. I’m influenced by so many things, my family, my partner, fellow actors who bravely pursue a career that provides so little support.

David Butler Actor

Dream roles?

There are so many, and so many that are still to be written. I’m a big fan of Oscar Wilde, so to play Dorian Grey has always been an pursuit of mine, Also Hamlet, there are weaknesses to his character that I can relate to.

Who is your favorite actor?

There is so much talent out there, I’m a big fan of Ben Whishaw.

The hardest role they’ve ever played, and why?

I played Oswald in Ghosts last year, it’s a very demanding role and we only had 2 weeks rehearsal, so it was quite a big challenge not only learn the text but also, portray a syphilitic suicidal son.

If not an actor, what profession would he/she choose to occupy?

Photographer, what can be better than traveling the world taking photos of people and learning there stories.

David R Butler

What is your greatest achievement outside of work?

Recently I completed the Tongariro Crossing (Mordor), 20km tramp through Middle Earth, so basically the same accomplishment as Frodo….just fewer Orcs.

Ask them for a fun fact people might not be aware of?

My brother is the children’s author Steven Butler (The Wrong Pong, Dennis, The Menace).


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