Interview with Dauzat St. Marie
By Christian Iles.

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Christian: Can you give us a brief description of what you were doing before you both met? Where did you both meet? How did you know you would be suited? What characteristics or traits do you admire most in each other?

Mat: We met in North Louisiana at college. I was fresh out of high school and was auditioning people to start a band and Heather came in as a recommendation from a friend. Once I heard her sing, I knew I was in the presence of something special. After working together for a very short period of time, it was apparent that we had a great musical chemistry that would stand the test of time. The trait I admire most about Heather is her exceptional work ethic. It’s one of the many reasons we have been so successful.

Heather: Like Mat mentioned, we met in art school. I had never been in a band before, but it sounded like something fun to do. My heart wasn’t 100% in it at first, but once I started working with Mat and hearing the music he was writing I realized that we were making something really special. And before long I couldn’t imagine NOT being in this band. Mat has always had the same philosophy as me when it comes to music – that the song must come first and that there’s no room for egos. I think this is why we work so well together.

There are two traits I most admire in Mat, and they go hand in hand: his honesty and his loyalty. I can trust him to always tell me the truth, which is crucial when you’re writing the songs we’re writing. And I know he always “has my back” so to speak, which is crucial when you’re performing as we do – with absolutely nothing but our voices and a few instruments.

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Christian: Is there a personal story behind the opening track “Falling Again”? Or a moment in your life that the songs reminds you of?

Heather: “Falling Again” is about a relationship with someone or someTHING that you know needs to end, yet you can’t quite seem to completely sever that tie. Sometimes the affairs of the heart aren’t in synch with the logic of the mind.

Christian: I instantly connected with the lyrics of the songs. How do you find inspiration? Work Best? Come up with the songs? Is there a way you work best?

Heather: We mostly look for inspiration from our own personal experiences. Our experiences include some of the highest of highs and lowest of lows, so there is seemingly no shortage of inspiration. However, sometimes we are intrigued and inspired by events in friends’ and fans’ lives. We have always been very involved with fans and stay in touch with them, so our network is quite large – offering us an endless pool of life stories to draw inspiration from.

Christian: What are the highs and lows of touring around America? And what is your fondest memory on tour?

Mat: Touring is who we are. We are gypsies at heart and absolutely love taking our show on the road – living life in different cities every day. So, our perspective is a mostly positive one. The road is definitely not for everyone! I’d say that the highs would have to be making strong connections with fans during shows. When we are really on fire on stage and can see the crowd feeling exactly what we are feeling, there is really no greater high. It is one of the main reasons we do what we do.

The lows of touring are very few from our perspective. It is very demanding and can be exhausting at times, but we consider it a blessing and wouldn’t have it any other way.

My fondest tour memory thus far is being part of what felt like a magical gathering recently at our CD release show at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. We’ve had some really really great shows over the course of this past year of touring, but our CD release show at the Hotel Cafe was really really REALLY great! It was a packed house of incredible people at the perfect venue with the perfect sound and the perfect lights for the perfect CD release show either of us could have asked for. Seriously, we are still kinda buzzing from that night.

Heather: My fondest tour memory would have to be before the CD was even released. We had been playing shows all over the US, including some all-ages shows so there were little kids in the audience. Now, the beautiful thing about children is that they are pretty honest; they’ll tell you like it is! And so many of the little ones reacted strongly to Time Slips Away – even telling me personally what a great song it is. A few people even sent videos of their children singing the song days (or weeks) later. That really was a great feeling for me that our song had that much impact.

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Christian: What do you miss most about Louisiana? And what do you love most about Los Angeles?

Mat: What I miss most about Louisiana – the people and the seafood. What I love most about Los Angeles – the people and the Mexican food.

Heather: Well, Mat summed that one up nicely! hah! How do you follow THAT???

For me, I miss the spontaneity of unguarded social interaction amongst strangers in Louisiana. When I first arrived in L.A., I would see a stranger in the grocery store and say “hello” … and people looked at me like I was crazy – grabbing their stuff and moving away quickly. After years of living in LA, I was walking down the street in New Orleans one morning when a random guy said “hello” to me … and I quickly grabbed my friend and scurried away like a true L.A. native! hahah!

But in LA I love the fact that almost everyone here is chasing a dream. There is such a buzzing concentration of creativity in this city! Almost anyone you meet is an actor or a painter or a sculptor or a musician. It’s energizing and inspiring to be around creativity every day.

It’s funny because in South Louisiana, the culture can seem more European than American at times. And in L.A., I’ve met so many Europeans here chasing the American Dream. I like the duality of these two places in my heart – LA and L.A.

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Christian: Is there any advice you can give to musicians who are thinking of making the big move to LA?

Mat: Strongly consider EXACTLY what it is you are setting out to do. What are your goals? Is it imperative to make a move to L.A. to reach those goals? Perhaps consider focusing your efforts in making it big in your region first. It is not a bad option to be the big fish in your region as opposed to being yet another small fish in the massive pond that is Los Angeles. Plus, you might find that there is a good living to be made touring in your region, and you don’t really NEED to move to L.A. However, if the move is indeed part of your plan, set a realistic timeline for your career. Goals and timelines can be altered, but you should set some sort of course for your venture. SAVE UP MONEY! It is expensive to live here! If you are spending all your time working just to make ends meet, you are killing your career… and opportunities are likely passing you by. And last but not least – remember the person you were before coming to L.A. and frequently reconnect with that person while living here. We’ve seen this place change a lot of people, but those who remain true to themselves and their goals seem to find success and maintain it.

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Christian: What would be the best advice you give aspiring singer/song-writers/musicians?

Mat: Take your show on the road as often as possible. The best possible practice is performing live…. you will hone not only your craft, but your songs as well. It is also the best way we know of to make lasting connections to fans. Equally important: learn as much as you can about the music BUSINESS. In this day and age, it is not enough to simply be good at your instrument and craft… you also must be a savvy business person. The music business is a unique industry and can be very tricky to navigate, so learn as much as you possibly can.

Dauzat St. Marie - Heather St Marie-Mat Dauzat
Christian: How did being part of the Saw III soundtrack, come about? Apart from SAW III, do you have any other favourite movies or genres that you would love to be of the soundtrack? Or maybe a favourite actor/ director/ TV series that you would love your music to be part of?

Mat: That’s kind of a long story… I’ll abbreviate. When we first moved to Los Angeles, I got picked up to play lead guitar for Kelly Osbourne. We rehearsed next door to her dad, Ozzy Osbourne. At the time, MTV crews were ever-present because of the filming of their TV show, “The Osbournes,” which often caused them to be late for band rehearsals. When the bosses were late, I’d always go hang out with Ozzy’s band – Zakk Wylde, Mike Bordin, and Robert Trujillo. Heather and I would quite regularly hang out at Robert Trujillo’s house on Sundays for low-key BBQs. One such Sunday, Robert introduced us to an ex-bandmate of his – actress Shawnee Smith. We were such kindred spirits, that we became fast friends with Shawnee. She was there every step of the way as we were forming Hydrovibe and was very supportive. She got involved in the SAW films and turned the producers and directors on to our band. They would support and come out to our shows. We had a song temped over the end credits of SAW II, but we got bumped at the last minute. Luckily, we were ultimately asked to write a song for SAW III, which was the only song in the entire film.

Heather: Dauzat St. Marie songs really lend themselves to drama more than anything else. We’d love to have a song placed over a dramatic tear-jerk end scene moment in a film or TV show. That would be the jackpot for us!
Christian: One song that particularly stuck with me was “Sinking Down”. Beautiful. I thought it was also very dark. What influenced this song? What do you hope your audience will take-a-way with them when they are listening to this song?

Heather: Thank you! That song is one of my favorites. The song was definitely heavily influenced by the writings of Kate Chopin, and my mood at the time was a nostalgic one – setting the stage for the song deep in the dark, foggy swamplands near where I grew up. This song was written several years ago during a period where a lot of our writing had lyrical content that was loosely about our struggles along the way in our crazy journey to stay afloat in the music business. (hence the lyric “all I ever wanted was to tread above water”). This song in particular came from a place of momentary self-doubt and vulnerability, which I’m sure everyone can relate to.

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Christian: I noticed on your website, you have no music videos present. Is this a deliberate decision? If you were to do a music video, what type of styles, ideas, themes would you do? If you had to choose your favourite music video, what would it be?

Heather: Definitely NOT deliberate! We just haven’t had the time to focus on video because we’ve been so busy on tour. Video is definitely on our list of things to do… we’d love to do a music video for every single song from the record if we can. That, obviously, is a tall order. It is obviously very expensive to do at a high production quality level, it is a very time-consuming endeavor, and we’re VERY PARTICULAR! For better or worse, we are simply incapable of just throwing something together quickly and putting it up on YouTube. It is just not in our nature. We will inevitably treat each video with the same sort of seriousness and artistic integrity as we treat the writing and crafting of the songs themselves.

I’m having difficulty committing to just one video as my FAVORITE right now, but both of us are really loving what Sia is doing right now. Sometimes when we are in writing or recording sessions we go off on a heavy tangent of stalking her videos online. “Elastic Heart” is probably one of the most powerful videos I’ve seen. Maddie Ziegler is an absolute STAR!

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Christian: If you were marooned on a desert island, which musician or singer, dead or alive, would you like to be marooned with?

Heather: I hope to never be marooned on a desert island… I take issue with being in one place for extremely long periods of time! That being said, I’ve always felt a strong connection to Freddy Mercury. Not only do I love his voice, his stage presence, his songs, his wit, his persona, etc…. I feel like we would just be the best of friends. Kindred spirits.

Mat: Elvis. Mostly because with all his connections, you KNOW he knows someone who can GET US THE HELL OFF THAT ISLAND! (and do it IN STYLE) I’m with Heather – I can’t be trapped in one place for too long. Gotta GO!
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