Interview with actor, model, writer and filmmaker – Anthony Royer.


Matthew: You have a strong connection with France and LA. What do you love and dislike about France? And Love and dislike about LA?

Anthony: I love the lifestyle in France, and the fact that French people care about others. We have a great social system, with a wonderful health care, and we welcome immigrants.

Americans live to work, especially in big cities like L.A… and money is the most important thing, it comes first here, and I am more into other values like love, friendship, art, family, so it has always been challenging for me to live in Los Angeles, and dating is horrible!

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Matthew: What was your first ever modelling role? How did you feel?

Anthony: My fist modeling gig was a trade for a very famous American photographer who is based in Paris, and only shoots male models for nudes. He wanted to shoot me for his book, and in exchange he proposed to photograph me so I could get a professional portfolio so I could reach out to modeling agencies. He hit on me big time and tried to have his way with me… it was my first time modeling… not a good memory.

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Matthew: What has been your most favorite acting role to date?

Anthony: When I was studying acting in high school, I played Lorenzaccio, it is the story of a man who becomes the wing man of a tyrant so he can kill him and free his people from dictatorship. He is a very human and powerful character to perform, and it is my favorite till this day.

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Matthew: What would be your dream role/ character to play – or – type of movie you would want to be involved with?

Anthony: I dream about becoming a super or action hero, like Batman, Superman or James Bond. These characters are so powerful and immortal, I would love to enter the very private circle of actors who become more than stars, they become super heroes!

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Matthew: You also model. What is the most enjoyable part of being part of the modeling community?

Anthony: As a model I enjoy when a photographer leaves me room to create and improvise. Some photographers are willing to photograph you for who you are truly, they see you as a fellow artist, and not as a puppet. This is when we do art instead of business.

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Matthew: What has been the most unusual thing you have experienced while modeling?

Anthony: Once, when I was in Paris, at the very beginning of my career, a photographer hired me for his portfolio. He asked me to come to his apartment, which was also his studio (very common in big expensive cities). But I had a bad feeling about this, so I asked my best friend to come with me, and that was a smart idea. The guy was such a creep, we found BDSM accessories, and I think he had something else than doing art in mind!

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Matthew: If you were to plan your ideal photo shoot, where would it be? Would it have a theme? What would you be wearing?

Anthony: I never thought about that to be honest. I always follow my heart and want to shoot with photographers who are very original and have a unique style. So, my ideal shoot would be with that type of artist, at a unique or unexpected location. I like shooting in the desert a lot, I have a thing for ghost towns, underground locations like the subway or the Parisian catacombs and other “crazy” locations like that.

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Matthew: If you were to be stranded on a desert island with one celebrity, who would it be and why?

Anthony: I would choose Jamie Chung (if only she was single), so I would have plenty of time to seduce her, make babies and be happily ever after LOL!

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Matthew: What would you like to do in 2016, which you have never done before?

Anthony: I am already working on having my own online entertainment platform. It is a secret until I launch it officially, but I can tell you (in exclusivity) that it deals with women and their sexual fantasies, and no, it is not porn, it will have a lot more substance than that, it will be like what 50 Shades of Grey fans have always been waiting for!


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Interview by Matthew John.


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