Interview with Actor Tino Orsini from “Under the Blue Sky’
By Penelope Brooke Hamilton.

Under the Blue Sky is David Eldridge’s award-winning, funny and touching play – three subtly connected love stories that reveal in turn the roller-coaster ride of lust in its prime, the sacrifices of a life in public service and its unrequited passions.

Penelope: How did you find out about the role?
Tino: I found out about the role through casting breakdowns and I’d worked with the director Denholm before so I applied and then got a recall before being told I’d got the part of Robert.

Penelope: What attracted you to this theatre production?
Tino: I knew that this was going to be a great production because of Denholm’s professionalism and knowledge of theatre and his production company firework productions so I was immediately attracted to this play.

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Penelope: How would you best describe your character?
Tino: My character Robert is a teacher who has had a relationship with an older woman who is also a teacher. He was fed up teaching at state schools and feels that she helped him gain confidence again. He is a middle aged, overweight man who drinks too much and is quite funny and charming.

Penelope: Do you relate to your character in any way?
Tino: I relate to his frustrations at trying to do something in his life and finding the challenges difficult but worth it.


Penelope: What are your favourite elements to the play?

Tino: The elements I like are the relationship between these couples in the play.
They speak a lot but it’s interesting to note the subtext and what they are really trying to say to each other.

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Penelope: How do you feel the production will be different to previous versions?
Tino: The previous versions have been done at the royal court so this will be a little more intimate.

Penelope: What do you love most about the British theatre scene?
Tino: What I love most about the British theatre scene is the sheer quality of shows and the diversity. You can see almost any genre be it drama, comedy or musical.

Penelope: What do you dislike most about the British theatre scene?
Tino: What I dislike most is sometimes it can be quite expensive and difficult to get tickets for the big shows.

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Penelope: What upcoming projects do you have?
Tino: Upcoming projects include this play and a few short films one of which I play a character called Napoleon and it will be screened at The British Film Institute with a live orchestra.

Penelope: What is your favorite theatre show?
Tino: My favorite theater show has to be ‘A View From The Bridge ‘ by Arthur Miller.
Anything by Tennessee Williams or Eugene O’Neill .

Penelope: What would be your ideal role to play on theatre?
Tino: I would love to try and play Eddie Carbone in ‘A View From the Bridge’.
I played him in a London oratory school production and would love to explore it further.

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Penelope: How would you describe the differences between theatre and film from an actor’s point of view- pros and cons?
Tino: Theatre is more broad whilst film less is definitely more.
On stage you have to make sure that the audience are following the story throughout and they are on the journey with you whilst film you shoot each scene separately and you have to keep in mind the continuity of the story.

Penelope: Who is your favourite actor/actress?
Tino: My favorite actor has to be Marlon Brando and favorite actress Meryl Streep.

Penelope: What tips/advise do you have for anyone wanting to be an actor?
Tino: My advice to anyone wanting to be an actor is never give up.
Just keep working on the craft and become the best actor you can be.

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Under the Blue Sky will be performed at The Drayton Arms Theatre (, Kensington, London in March.

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