Born and raised in North East European country Latvia. Harijs Broza ,33 years old, is former male model with wide experience in fitness modelling . For many years he lived in London, but now calls he’s home Los Angeles.

Harijs Broza
Matthew: What was your first ever modelling gig?

Harijs: I remember starting modelling in my mid twenties. My first photo-shoot was for a calendar where each month of the year was a model doing some kind of Housework like laundry,dish-washing,etc. I think I was featured for October . It was fun ! But I felt tired after few hours posing and flexing.

Harijs Broza (7)
Matthew: What did you find the most enjoyable part of modelling?

Harijs: The most enjoyable part in my modelling past was the experience I got by traveling to many cities and to work with so many great photographers. Also I have always been a gym rat and photo- shoots were like a reward for the hard work I was putting into the gym and staying disciplined with a diet. To see pictures of myself in fitness magazines was a happy achievement for me.

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Matthew: What has been the strangest thing you have experienced while modelling?
Harijs: I don’t know if I can call it the strangest thing, but once I was a body double for a Magic Mike movie poster . It was strange to see my body with photo-shopped Channing Tatum’s head.

Matthew: Who were your favorite photographers to work with?
Harijs: Most of the photographers I have worked with were really nice people. I loved working with LA duo Gomillion & Leupold. No wonder they have been working with so many celebrities like Selena Gomez, Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna. It was also great to do photo-shoots with Simon Le in Sydney and Luis Rafael  in Miami.

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Matthew: If you were to plan your ideal photo shoot, what would it be like?
Harijs: Probably it would be somewhere in South Africa’s Safari with some friendly Lions in the background . It’s would be dangerous , as I am a adrenaline junkie ! I would most likely would be dressed like Tarzan. I love animals, so an animal based theme would be a perfect dream photo-shoot.

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Matthew: If you were to be stranded on a desert island with one celebrity, who would it be and why?
Harijs: Hmm, I would choose Rihanna. Then she could sing for me and take away the stress, with her beautiful voice and it would be much easier to survive!


Interview by Matthew John


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