Poetic Masculinity For A New Age….

In an age when the merits of masculinity are being re-examined, mindbender feature film GUYS READING POEMS investigates a protagonist who teeters between violence as vengeance and creative expression as psychic salve.

Guys Reading Poems has been released just this week across digital platforms and on dvd/blu-ray via Gravitas Ventures and the film remains relevant through National Poetry Month in April.

Justin Schwan as ‘The Survivor’



In this dreamlike feature film, a resilient boy uses poetry and his imagination to survive abuse when his artistic mother (Patricia Velasquez, The Mummy films) loses her sanity after her lothario husband (Alexander Dreymon, “The Last Kingdom”) leaves town with his stunningly beautiful mistress (Lydia Hearst). This mysterious, noir-influenced indie reveals the unseen scars of a creative, but troubled family. Eight-year old Luke Judy, Christos Vasilopoulos (“The Last Ship”) and Rex Lee (“Entourage”) round out the cast of the directorial debut of Hunter Lee Hughes, which won four awards on the festival circuit and is now coming out across digital platforms via Gravitas Ventures.

Alexander Dreymon as ‘Father’


Early Praise: 
In early praise, the film has been described as “essential viewing” by The Los Angeles Blade. The rest of our early praise can be found here. Other press to have tackled the film so far includes Queer GuruGayEssentialMovies Over the Rainbow, and Living Out Loud – Los Angeles, all with positive reviews.
Press Release: http://bit.ly/2DZP9mM

Patricia Velasquez as ‘Mother’


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