You sure have attended a graduation ceremony where someone missed something very important or his or her planning had a negative impact during the graduation day.  To make sure your graduation day goes smoothly, we have listed and explained some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind, before, during and after the graduation party. 

 Do: Plan ahead for the ceremony

Most schools usually announce the graduation ceremony months before the real date. The intention is to give the graduandsenough time to prepare, invite loved ones, and clear from the school. It is therefore important to plan ahead and make sure you have everything you need for the ceremony. This includes getting your cap and gown, tickets for family members, and any necessary paperwork.

Do: Send graduation announcements early enough

Take advantage of the time given by your school to send graduation announcements to anyone important early enough. You can choose an online graduation announcement cards maker and announce your academic achievements. 

Don’t: Don’t be too voluminous with words

When creating your graduation announcement cards, don’t be overly wordy. You just have to add important details such as your name, school name, honors, degree, class year, location, date and time. 

Don’t: Be late.

Don’t arrive at the graduation venue late. You should make sure you’re there an hour or so before the ceremony starts. This will eliminate chances of causing disruptions or missing important instructions or announcements.

Do: Dress appropriately

Graduands are advised to dress appropriately with comfortable shoes, suit and tie for men and official dress/skirt, presentable trouser and a blouse for the female graduards. You can as well consider slack or khaki pants.  Its important to note that graduations are formal events and dressing appropriately is advisable. 

Don’t: Wear distracting clothing or accessories

Everyone attending graduations are advised to always not wear  overly flashy or distracting clothes or accessories. This can take away the significance of the ceremony.

Do: Be respectful and courteous.

In all situations, you are supposed to be respectful and courteous to fellow graduates, faculty, staff, and guests. This eliminates all altercations that can otherwise ruin your day. So its important to refraining from talking during speeches or disrupting the ceremony in any way.

Don’t: Use your phone during the ceremony.

It can be tempting to live stream the event with your mobile phone, check some texts, reply to congratulatory messages on social media and other platforms but its advisable to turn the phone off or put it in silent mode during the official party. Receiving calls, and round ringtones can cause negative externalities to your neighbors.  

Do: Celebrate your achievements.

You can take some time after the ceremony to celebrate this big milestone with friends and family. It can mean throwing a barbecue evening party or a significantly huge ceremony in a conference hall. 

Don’t: Forget to thank those who helped you along the way.

Finally, don’t forget to thank those who helped you along the way. They can include family, friends, faculty, and staff. Its courteous to send hand written thank you notes for every gift received during the ceremony. 

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