Exclusive Interview with Pat Reeves and brother’s from Council Band


By Christian Iles.

What happens when you three farm boys take up music – You get “Council”. Pat, Doug and Andy Reeves are three brothers who have balanced working in the fields during the day and honing their craft at night.

It wasn’t long  from playing covers songs at their local library before they were opening for bands such as The All American Rejects and The Kooks.

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With a host of new songs and more on the way, they are working on their soon to be released debut album.

I was very honored and excited to have the privilege to interview these rising stars.

Christian: Are you triplets?
Pat: No. Doug and I are twins and Andy is a year younger. We tried to dress different and get different haircuts etc.. but it was too much work so we just started doing what we feel comfortable with. Which often gets confused with people thinking we dress similar on purpose etc.

Christian: What’s the origin of the name?
Pat: Council, our band name, came from searching through every book we had at the time. We were looking for a name that had meaning to us, could be chanted, and visually could be used for branding. I came across Council in the bible and loved that it fit our band perfectly. Our band is essentially a round table.

Christian: Is there any main theme or story within what your songs are about?
Pat: The songs definitely have the tone of wanting more out of the life you’re leading. No matter how bad things are, things will always get better. Probably some failed relationships covered in metaphor as well.

Christian: Who is the main songwriter in the band?
Pat: We’ve kind of come across an unorthodox way to write songs now but it works. Doug finds music that he thinks will spark some creativity in us. I then write some piano melodies, chord progression and/or titles and passes it on to Andy. Andy is the best song formatter so he’ll make sense of it and usually does most of the lyrics with myself and Doug contributing.

Christian: What inspired you to make music together?

Pat: Well bound by blood I guess. We all have similar tastes in music and being brothers kind of formed the band for us. But having the same goals in mind for the band is important and were lucky to be on the same page.

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Christian: How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?
Pat: When we first started we were definitely heavily influenced by early 90’s music. Apparently someone forgot to tell us that grunge was over. We became very “heady” in our early writing and really couldn’t figure out where our comfort zone was. Now, we definitely write more by feel and let the song dictate where it should go. We have been using a lot of orchestration, which we all love, and really like the ambient sound similar to U2.

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Christian: What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?
Pat: Being self -taught, I think we’d all agree teaching yourself how to play and sing is incredibly difficult. But besides that, I’d say learning how to write songs. You always start playing covers and you feel at some point you’ll make the switch to originals and all that information you learned from the cover songs will work itself into your originals but that’s not usually the case. The licks you learned and the chords you play might but writing songs that are a representation of you can really be difficult. I don’t know if we are completely passed that challenge as a band but by consistently challenging ourselves we are on our way.

Christian: What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands?
Pat: Don’t! Ha, just kidding. Form a band with people with similar tastes and goals. If one of you wants world wide fame and the other would be happy to play local gigs it’s not going to work. You all have to be on the same page and willing to sacrifice a lot. Also, don’t focus on other bands successes and failures only focus on your own band. You’ll drive yourself crazy and there’s no reason to let that distract you from your own goals.



Christian: When on tour with The All American Rejects and The Kooks, what was your fondest or funniest memory of what happened behind stage or on tour?
Pat: When playing with The All American Rejects our fondest memory was the sold out shows in Hawaii. At the time they had the number one song in the country and the fans brought so much energy to those shows. And for us it really gave us the confidence that we could play on the next level as a band. On tour with The Kooks we actually went from opening band to lighting professionals. After one of our sets, the venue did not have a lighting guy, so we took up duties behind the lighting board. Actually turned out pretty good and left us with a great memory.

Christian: Do you have any upcoming gigs or tours?

Pat: Currently we play about twice a month in NYC venues. You can always go to Councilband.com as we do add random shows and special appearances. We’re doing a lot of studio work and writing so that’s taken a lot of our time.

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Christian: If you were stranded on a desert island, which famous music person would you like to be stranded with and why?
Pat: All 3 of us of course have separate answers.
– Andy: I’d like to be stranded with Liam Gallagher. I’d have a drinking buddy and at least he’d be interesting. If I’m on an island I don’t really want to talk shop.
– Doug: Probably Keith Moon. Even dead he’s more interesting than most musicians alive. But because my island has time travel Keith would be in 1972 form and would entertain me for hours.
– Pat: I’d say Bono. Even though I’m on an island and presumably not singing to anyone I’d still want to pick his brain as a singer. I admire the emotion he puts into his recordings and live shows.
Christian: Please take time to check out the council sites:


There is a Fan Give Away:
If they join our mailing list on Reverbnation : www.reverbnation.com/councilband
They get a free download of our song, You Will Always and our cover of Don’t Look Back In Anger.
I am not sure if you need it, but here are the links to the songs. I assume our band link should do it.
You Will Always Link:
Don’t Look Back In Anger Link:
There is a video with each song if they want to check them out on our YouTube page. The link is up top but should be with the song info.

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