It was a great pleasure to interview the cheeky and cheerful Dorian Reeves, who is ensured to put a smile on your face.
Consort: What was your first ever modelling gig? How old were you? What was it for? How did you feel?
Dorian: I was 17 years old for my first real modelling gig. It was for a big charity runway show here in Edmonton, Canada. Usually, they only pick the best models in Alberta to walk. Unfortunately I was too new at that time! Turns out a model had dropped out last minute, in which they called me and told me to be there in 15 minutes. I couldn’t be more excited!! This ended up kick starting my career because I was taken more seriously after doing a show like that. The show is called Fashion With Compassion.

Dorian Reeves

Consort: When did you first sign with an agent? And what was the process like?

Dorian: I went into Mode Models for an open audition. They took some photos, had me write out a sizing chart. They asked me a few questions about myself and what I liked to do. They told me they would call me back in a week or so if they liked me. 3-4 weeks had passed and I decided that they probably wouldn’t call. Turns out they left a voice mail on my phone while I was at Skateboard camp. Seeing ‘Mode Models’ on my caller ID list had me jumping up and down like a 5 year – haha.

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Consort: Was there any part of the modelling/ fashion industry that took you by surprise?

Dorian: I still feel that the industry is surreal. There’s still magic for me while I look at the ads on billboards and magazines. But in reality, it’s just my friends up there or someone I’ve probably shared a room with in a model apartment. The advertisements transcend us to fantasy land. I used to spend hours watching fragrance and Calvin Klein ads online. Now, I find it a bit weird to see my friends doing those same ads.

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Consort: What is the most enjoyable part of modelling?

Dorian: Getting to travel constantly to places I’ve never been is a dream come true. Meeting a ton of cool people on a weekly basis is awesome!! I love the social aspect the most.

Dorian Reeves

Consort: What has been the most unusual thing you have experienced while modelling?

Dorian: Getting a phone call from my agent telling me to pack my bags that night. I had booked a job in Vienna, Austria for the next morning. I flew there on a massive ‘private jet’ full of fashionistas and fellow models from my agency in NYC, Soul Artist Management. The private jet was also full of strippers and champagne. Haha!

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Consort: What was it like shooting Vogue? The day of the shoot and when the issue came out?

Dorian: Unreal! I was so nervous that they would put me in a mask or something. It’s a women’s magazine so I didn’t actually expect to be featured. Steven Meisel was amazing to work with. Extremely professional, not to mention the catering was to die for! There was a massive thunder storm while we shot, so they turned off the music and let the thunder set the mood. I was in Canada on Canada Day for holidays when the shoot came out. It was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the magazine release with all my hometown friends.

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Consort: If you were to plan your ideal photo shoot, where would it be? Would it have a theme? What would you be wearing?

Dorian: In the Sahara desert, wearing nothing but a pair of jeans.

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Consort: I read in an interview that you have moved to LA to pursue acting as well. What did you do to help break into the acting world? How have you found the casting/ acting world?

Dorian: I spent about 6 months in LA studying with Howard Fine. The acting world is very similar to modelling, except there are 10x more actors and a lot more jobs. My agent in NYC, Maury Dimauro at Innovative Artists helped me break into the industry.

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Consort: What would be your dream role/ character to play – or – type of movie you would want to be involved with?

Dorian: A western film would be a dream.

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Consort: As someone that works in the creative industry, with other creative professionals. What have you found to be the hardest part of Creative world? Not just for yourself, but with the people you have worked with? And what advice would you give people who have just started?

Dorian: Understanding the power to be myself has been the hardest but most satisfying part. It proved difficult to learn to be myself in a world of smoke and mirrors. I’d tell them to always listen to his or her conscience!

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Consort: How has working in the creative industry affected your personal life?

Dorian: It has helped shape me to who I’ve become. It taught me to express myself in more ways than I thought possible. Life is definitely more colorful now.

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Consort: If you were to be stranded on a desert island with one celebrity, who would it be and why?

Dorian: Haha, Tom Cruise is my favorite actor/personality of all time. I’d be stranded on an island with him just so I could find out what he’s really like.

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Interview by Matthew John


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