Dolly Lloyd London is owned by Teo Lloyd, the wife of the former celebrity tennis player and leisure guru, David Lloyd. The independent womenswear boutique situated in the height of luxury fashion in the heart of Chelsea, London. Dolly Lloyd offers an exclusive look into new labels that are unknown to the UK market including her own classic luxury brand, Teo Lloyd which is made in the UK.


Dolly Lloyd and Rita Ramnani


Beth Ellen Jones- Dolly Lloyd – Sinitta Malone

All fashion lines guarantee high quality fabrics, attention to detail and excellent finish, providing comfort, elegance and timeless style, hence fulfilling the demands of a sophisticated 21st century woman. With varied exclusive brands, Dolly Lloyd offers styles for different occasions and in high demand with Chelsea clientele.


The first year anniversary launch included a selection of private clients and celebrity friends. Some of Teo Lloyd’s close friends seen at the event were Wilnelia Forsyth, Kristina Rihanoff, Sinitta Malone and Naomi Isted.


Dolly Lloyd- Kristina Rihanoff – Beth Ellen Jones- Sinitta Malone

Dolly Lloyd quote “ This has been a successful year for Dolly Lloyd boutique and Teo Lloyd brand. Dolly Lloyd is all about exclusivity, style and luxury.”

With black Friday coming up, Dolly Lloyd boutique is offering 30% off all brands from 25th-28th November.

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