Dmitry Oskin ( ) Artist and Photographer was born in St Petersburg, Russia in 1986 before moving to London in 2009. Art has always been his passion since the early ages of 14, when he won a drawing competition. Then at the age of 16 he won a national prize at which now hangs in the Duma in Moscow.

Dmitry was trained and worked as a stylist on film and photo shoots. Since moving to London he has developed his career in photography and has experienced various cultures through his travels to South America, South East Asia and islands in the Indian Ocean which have deeply affected his artistic outlook.


His work in the UK to date has focused on fashion photography, with his debut sell-out exhibition for VZ Gallery being a departure into the world of art. Currently he is working for Russian and English TV networks as well as undertaking fashion and private commission photo shoots in UK, France and Australia .

The foundation of his success was:

The Provocation brings together images of temporary human obsessions, pleasures and suffering inspired by every day life and omnipresent power of the media world. Combining themes of beauty and horror, pain and sensuality, he explores the darkest recesses of our imaginings and holds up a mirror to our desires and emotions. These works depict essential human experiences and ask us to face sometimes uncomfortable truths.


Dmitry is represented by VZ Gallery in London and ONGALLERY in London
2011 Provocation . VZ Gallery , London


Portrait of Prince Nikita Lobanov, by Dmitry Oskin .


2016 Butterfly by Dmitry Oskin.

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