Demonstrating perfect taste, and as usual, explicit timing, Milan based Dolce & Gabbana, one of the leading international groups in the luxury goods sector, have shared our love for all things Venetian, by also shooting their new Spring summer 2018 Eyewear Campaign in Venice and during Carnevale.

It was an understandable location choice, when the D&G founders, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who have always been the creative and stylistic source of all the brand’s activities, base their style and design on sartorial tradition and Mediterranean culture, with a special emphasis on Sicilian culture.




Now operating in 40 countries worldwide, with a network of 287 mono-brand stores, the group produces and distributes high-end clothing, leather goods, footwear, accessories, fine jewellery and timepieces.





While through licensee partners, it also manages the production and distribution of beauty and eyewear lines.


So do check out their new pics, shot in Venice by the amazing Milan based Morelli Brothers,

The Morelli Brothers of Milan

The Morelli Brothers of Milanrenown for there creativity and style.



Using locations sporting D&G’s distinctive and iconic brand, are seen at St Marco’s Square, on gondolas drifting under Rialto Bridge and posing in front of the Grand Canal.


dolce-and-gabanna-3Commencing with a stunning panoramic of the Venetian skyline, with seductive glimpses of the architecture through bridge arches, at the end of alley ways and across canals throughout, the video, which has already clocked up 43,538 likes and counting, follows groups of gorgeous male and female models, as they enjoy the delights of Venice.



They pose with tourists and flirt with each other. The leggy models. modelling distinctive D&G branded leggings and jackets, then wafting in long floaty feminine summer gowns, are seen strutting like peacocks across St Marco’s Square and then dining al fresco on plates of spaghetti.



The young blades, resplendent in vividly coloured and patterned suits or logo embellished t-shirts, jackers and casual wear, in the meantime, do all they can to catch the eye of the aloof disdainful ladies, fooling around with the pidgins, cavorting on the steps at the square, and riding in gondolas.



Though, I am sure, all will agree that the glorious city of Venice has to be the top model of the shoot!


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The D&G video included models such as Kitty Spencer, Isabel Getty, Sabrina Percy, Laura Murray, Brandon Lee Thomas, Rafferty Law, Jill Dancher and Cameron Dallas, amongst other notable talent.

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Vivienne Sharman-Lewis at the Glass Slippers Ball, Santa Chiara, Venice

Vivienne Sharman-Lewis of Visions PR at the Glass Slippers Ball, Santa Chiara, Venice

Written by: Vivienne Sharman-Lewis

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