Whether you think soldiers are upstanding heroes or jack-booted thugs, few of us actually take the time to consider the people behind those imposing uniforms. Photographer Devin Mitchell, (www.devinography.com) however, created a touching photo project called “The Soldier Art Project” that examines what lies on the other side of the uniform.

Using Photoshop, Mitchell has created images of uniformed servicemen and women whose mirrored reflections reveal who they are – and vice versae.

The military community has expressed their interest in using my art to communicate how many of them feel to be living double lives while serving in the military,” Mitchell told Mic. “People who have never served have shown interest in knowing more about the diversified aspects of what causes veterans to feel that way.



One photo that really speaks to me the most is the picture depicting Joshua Zitting and his husband Patrick Lehmann,” said Mitchell, who is openly gay himself. “It reminds me of how unfair it is that this man can serve while enjoying all of this constitutional rights as an American, while other men and women similar to him cannot in other parts of the country, due in part to recent decisions such as the one made by circuit judge Jeffrey Sutton. Judges like him are blind in my eyes. Maybe pictures like this will help him see better.

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