Desideria feel in love with classical and modern dance and gymnastics during her childhood and devoted her life to it to become a master of fluency and coordination.

Desideria is happiest when emerged in exciting the world of circus and finding freedom in dancing in air.

In 2010 she began a course of aerial disciplines in Carrara. Soon after Desideria found herself performing on stages, squares, bridges and televisions, in Italy and abroad.Her strong passion and predisposition was immediately noticed by the first company with which he collaborated, the MAGMA Circus, with which he performed as an aerial artist important Italian events such as the Solofra Festival (Av), the Feast of theWitches of Marradi.

She began working with other companies such as the Black Circus and Opera Music Festival of which she became the first aerial dancer and choreographer amongst other dancers.

To find out More about Desideria, check out her Facebook and Youtube Page.

Post by Matthew John

Venice Carnival Event Promoter.

Event 1: The Glass Slippers Ball – Venice.

Event 2: Killing Kittens Venetian Party.

Event 3: Circus Of Wonders – Grand Ball.

Youtube Video:



Event 4: Avanspettacolo Cabaret Dinner And Show.

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