As we enter into the second week at the Cannes Film Festival, amongst the red carpet events, meetings, dinners and parties, conversations sharply begin to turn to which films stand a chance of winning one of the prestigious awards that are up for grabs. But before the Palm d’Or and Grand Prix awards are announced at the closing night of the festival, the debates are put on paws as we appreciate a more unusual set of awards… the Cannes Palm Dog Awards.
On Friday 20th May we attended the UK pavilion for the event, which has taken place annually since 2001 to recognize the talents of our favorite canine actors. This year the awards were presented by friends and top international film critics Peter Bradshaw, Anna Smith, Kate Muir, Charles Gant, Kaleem Aftab, Wendy Mitchell, Rita di Santo and Palm Dog founder Toby Rose.

Nellie Palm Dog Awards


The packed crowd of people and dogs cheered and barked together as the awards were delivered. The Palm Dog was awarded to Nellie, an English Bulldog for her role as Marvin in Jim Jarmusch’s “Paterson.” The films producer Carter Logan accepted the award. He spoke of Nellie’s incredible ability as a performer and how they knew Nellie was the one for the role in the first few minutes of watching her audition tape. He also encouraged guests to avoid breeders and adopt a dog in honor of Nellie, who was a rescue dog. Tragically, Nellie had passed away two months prior to the festival, becoming the first dog to be posthumously awarded the Palm Dog. Carter Logan later reported to have called Nellie’s trainer to deliver the news, which was met with tears of joy.

Carter Logan holding up the Palm Dog award

Carter Logan holding up the Palm Dog award.

The jury prize was awarded to French Dalmatian Jacques for his role in Justine Triet’s “In Bed with Victoria,” and the Palm Dogmanitarian award went to “I, Daniel Blake” director Ken Loach for featuring a three-legged dog in the film.

After the event we quickly headed over to the Four Sea’s Hotel for a Getty photo-shoot, followed by lunch with Kevi and Jessica from the New York based StylingOn Showroom, who kindly provided us with beautiful Red Carpet dresses for the premiere of “The Last Face,” which we attended that evening.


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