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Marcus Schenkenberg & Stephanie Seymour by Richard Avedon for Gianni Versace, soon in Berlin

Marcus Schenkenberg co-hosts the Gianni VERSACE retrospective

We at Consort PR are happy and proud that a fave male model of Consort PR, Marcus Schenkenberg has been chosen to co-host the Gianni VERSACE retrospective at Kronprinzenpalais, in Berlin, next Tuesday, January 30th, 2018, alongside, none other than Gianni’s sister, the glamorous Donatella, 42, the creative director of the Versace Empire.
As to be expected, the dress code, is Sparkling Glam!


One of the original super male-models, 6’4” Marcus Schenkenberg, described on his own official website, as ”The Sexy Sensational Bodylicious Glamourous . Rude Sporty . Super-Model” (and when you view his work, who can argue with that description!), is well placed and honoured to be co-hosting this prestigious event.

Following Donatella’s talented brother’s death, aged 50, on July 15th 1997, when Gianni, who by then was one of the worlds most famous fashion designers, was shot dead on the steps of his Miami beach mansion at the hands of a Sicilian born Italian gay socialite and serial killer, listed on the FBI’s most wanted list, and driven by his deep jealousy and resentment of Gianni’s hard-won success, the fashion world sunk into shocked mourning.

Now, with the publication of Maureen Orth’s explosive account of Gianni’s assassination, which is about to be turned into a TV series starring Penelope Cruz as Donatella, there continues to be a huge interest in his work.


So the GIANNI VERSACE RETROSPECTIVE will celebrate the roots of his success, where he started in Germany. In fact, his very first fashion shown was organised in 1978 in the small city of Lippstadt. Then in 1994, Gianni had his first exhibition in Berlin, and was so fascinated with that vibrant city that he planned to come back. Yet just three years later, at the height of his success, he was murdered, a murder still cloaked in myths and speculation about the motives.

His retrospective will be suitably hosted at The Kronprinzenpalais (Crown Prince’s Palace), Berlin, a landmark late Neoclassical-style building, that was the palace of the ruling Hohenzollern house of Prussia until the abolition of the monarchy at the end of World War I, when it became an annexe of the Berlin National Gallery, housing a pre-eminent collection of modern art. After being closed by the Nazis, and destroyed during World War II it was rebuilt in 1968 and used by East Germany as a guest house for official visitors to their capital of East Berlin. Since German reunification it has been used for exhibitions and cultural events.


The retrospective, which includes performance art, an exhibition and additional events, will cover the 40 years of the Gianni Versace brand 1978-2018,

Co-host of the retrospective, 6’4” Swedish Marcus, is one of the original super male-models, and though best known for his Calvin Klein advertisements in the early 1990s, he is also an actor, singer, writer, and TV personality.
As well as modelling for 20 years, Marcus is also an avid supporter of the LR GLOBAL KIDS FUND that raises money to help fight childhood starvation, and those suffering from abuse and dangerous disease, as well as to help those deprived of education.

“I want to help them! The is why my partner LR-Beauty and I have made it our business to give children a carefree childhood and to take their future into their own hands. We know that we cannot save the world but we can and will contribute to make it a better place for children.”

Marcus is also the Face Of several brands, including his own Fitness DVD’s, that celebrate his dedication to the body beautiful and are a testimony to how hard he has to work to maintain his weight and that famous musculature, that is known for selling Calvin Klein jeans, even when he isn’t actually wearing them!

Marcus has also modelled for Versace, Giorgio Armani, Donna Karan and Iceberg. In the past he has been signed to Storm Model Management in London, Wilhelmina Models, Success Models in Paris, Boss Models, and D’ Management Group in Milan. His present agency is Ford Models and Soul Artist Management in New York.


So as the Public opening of the retrospective promises many visual delights, apart from the obvious presence of Marcus Schenkenberg on 30th of January, so if you want to enjoy an extravagant evening, that promises to be as extravagance as Gianni Versace’s fashion designs, then to avoid disappointment, ensure your ticket now!
Tickets via Eventbrite are Limited!
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Written by: Vivienne Sharman-Lewis,



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