Finding unique gift ideas for employees and friends after the lockdown and during this pandemic can be challenging. Of course, these gift ideas for friends should be practical, but should also match the current situation.

This is why, in this article, we’ll list the best holiday gifts 2020 to give as a work anniversary gift but also the best ones for friends and family. Of course, you’ll also find the best corporate gifts for clients

Without further ado, let’s proceed with the very best tech products, the premium ones, the cheaper ones, and definitely the ones that will please everyone from your client to your mother!

Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earbud – $249.99

We really the Wireless Powerbeats Pro for being available in different colors and so well designed. Why is it a great holiday gift? Well, first of all, it’s great to travel around with music rather than having to listen to people chatting in the bus or train.

Also, these earbuds last up to 9 hours. That is an incredible feature that will definitely please everyone. You can also take them to the gym after lunch or a shift at work, that’s indeed a good extra option. Did we mention that they’re water and sweat resistant?

To conclude, they’re beautiful, they last many hours, and it’s convenient to have them wherever we go!

Herschel Classic Backpack – $49.99

With a big main compartment and its minimalistic but beautiful design, we can only think that the Classic Backpack from Herschel is one of the best unique gifts for clients, friends and family.

It is available in 27 different colors and styles, it is cheap and can please everyone from your parents, your coworkers, and your friends. We particularly like the fact that it can be carried around without too much hassle, whether on holiday, on a long weekend, or on a business trip.

Imagine having to carry food, a laptop, headphones, and some notebook while on holiday, well, this is one of the best gifts 2020 for her and him.

Kiko Leather Tech-Folio – $95.00

This portfolio in leather is a stunning accessory to get and definitely one of the gift ideas for friends and coworkers. Whether on a plane, on a train, in the car traveling, or simply when spending time around time, it can be very convenient.

It can carry a 13” laptop, some credit cards, and even a notebook. That is the typical item that can be used at the office, on holiday, or to keep things organized when working from home.

Is there something we can’t like about this leather portfolio? Not really, that’s one it’s certainly one of the creative gift ideas for friends and family.

STATE Bags Franklin Greenpoint Duffel – $195.00

Moving onto a more premium item with a higher price tag comes this handy Duffel bag from STATE Bags. It’s some of the best holiday gifts for different reasons. First of all, it is big enough to carry everything on vacation or on a business trip. Secondly, it has a professional look to remain classy wherever you go.

This is the typical product you can get to businessmen and busy ladies that will definitely please them. To conclude, it’s not only a great holiday gift but we also think it’s great to take to the gym, to the office, or anywhere you can think.

Jam Hang Tight Bluetooth Speaker – $39.99

A Bluetooth speaker is one of the most versatile and useful holiday gifts to get nowadays. Whether you plan a holiday to the beach or camping, it will definitely come in very handy to listen to some music or the latest news.

We can only approve of it given the reasonable price tag, the great build quality, and the 100ft range which will make holidays more pleasant, wherever you are!

Ember Travel Mug² – $179.95

This travel mug from Ember is one of the best unique gift ideas that will impress everyone and certainly bring the wow factor. Obviously, the price tag is much higher than other items on this list. However, it is different than any other mug.

It is a connected mug that is able to warm drinks up with its mobile app, receiving a notification when it’s ready. Also, it has a leakproof lid, a touch display, and a 3 hour battery life that is good enough when traveling. Imagine being in the car and your coffee being cold. Well, this travel mug will definitely make your trip more enjoyable!

Tile Pro Series – $34.99

If there is one annoying thing while on holiday is the fact to lose or forget things around. For this reason, this Bluetooth tracker from Tile is one of the best gift ideas for friends and family. 

Whether they’re preparing to go to a fancy hotel, a tropical destination on the beach or sipping a cocktail on a rooftop bar, this will definitely remind them where they left their stuff. This tracker can find anything from a cell phone to a folder to car keys and more.

Why do we think it’s a great holiday gift? Simply for the fact that it’s compact, practical, and extremely useful.

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