They say “Beauty is only skin deep”, that may be so, but try telling that to a 16 year old boy or girl, hit by hormone induced teenage acne, dandruff or psoriasis, that never ever goes away!

All of a sudden your secure and innocent childhood world crumbles in the face of the cruel bullying from your school peers, and you retreat into an introverted world, that becomes your self created prison, tarnishing your relationships, opportunities and even your future career!

50 year old dermatologist, Roni Kramer, knows how these sufferers feel, because she has been there and, as a result, has spent her life looking for a better way.
Her journey took her from Israel to California to Chengdu, where she studied with the masters of traditional Chinese Medicine.

Now, as the founder and CEO of Kamedis,, a herbal skin-care company, that combines Chinese medicine with Western pharmacology and biochemistry, she knows how she has helped to alleviate such pain. As she reads it daily in the testimonials she receives from grateful customers.

“Thank you so much! I have had this problem for my whole life, I couldn’t go out of the house, and this Kamedis product made a huge difference.” As she says, f”or this, I do what I do.”

After 10 years working as a dermatologist, treating such skin disorders, and doing research to find a more natural, holistic and botanical approach, she learnt how botanicals, with their complex interplay of ingredients, can heal us by bringing our bodies back into balance.

From her home in Tele Aviv, where she knew about acupuncture, Roni arrived in the USA, to attend the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was there that she discovered the magic of herbs, that were taught by the real masters, the Chinese doctors, who had arrived recently from China. She had been looking for a more natural and holistic approach to human illness and she found it in Chinese medicine.

“I came to San Francisco for acupuncture, because that’s what I knew about in Israel. But here I fell in love with herbs. I felt like I was entering the secret garden of ingredients. It was like magic”.

There followed 10 years of concentrated work, before starting her business, but now she feels that although she misses her hands on work as a dermatologist, by moving to the business side and running the company, she can affect and help many more people, than the 20 or so patients she saw a week in her hands on job.

However, the business did not happen overnight, it resulted from her work as a dermatologist at a Chinese hospital, and then from the clinical research conducted during her time working in Tel Aviv, where they experimented with botanicals.

“We had a lab in the clinic and we were doing very simple topical things in the beginning. We started our own trials to see how it would work and we adjusted along the way. The products are natural and they are effective and they are validated and they have no side effects.”
The Western approach allowed her to verify in the lab and in clinical trials what traditional Chinese medicine had taught her.

They now distribute in Israel, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, the Philippines and the USA and are honoured that China is excited that they are creating Chinese medicine-based products, but with a Western approach, for their market.

In the US, they use active ingredients such as zinc pyrithione, salicylic acid and sulphur, and we then add botanicals, which have been known for many years to have real benefits.

The resulting products that make up the Kamedis range offer a unique collection of skin treatment products that bring together east and west, tradition and innovation, safety and effectiveness, while continuing to support the farmers and communities where their botanicals are grown and harvested.

As Roni enthused
“We continue to work with, and learn from, practitioners of alternative medicine, as well as dermatologists and researchers. And we remain committed to helping as many skin sufferers as possible to get the benefits of what we have learned.”

So if you are looking to improve a skin disorder, or just seek beautiful skin, open natures medicine cabinet of Kamedis and discover, in full confidence, the amazing properties of a wide range of herbs, such as indigo, the Amur Cork Tree, Chinese Angelica, Tree of Heaven, Great Burnet, Indian Chtysanthemun, Chinese Rhubarb, Skullcap, Cnidium, Puslane, Liquorice and Soapberry to treat a wide range of skin conditions that include Eczema / Atopic Dermatitis / Dry Skin,Acne , Dandruff , Psoriasis / Scaly Skin, Seborrhea / Seborrheic Dermatitis

At Miss Europe Continental UK, we fully endorse, any research or products that will help young people overcome any confidence issues, especially the more serious body dysmorphic disorders, where real, or perceived flaws can escalate into severe emotional distress, leading to self imposed isolation and depression.


Written by:

Vivienne Sharman- Lewis

National Director Miss Europe Continental United Kingdom
Director of Visions PR, Marketing Events, Modelling, Training.
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