We have all been given a dare of truth in the past…Or so I want to assume. And what does this involve? To say the least, for the truth it is all about choosing to give true answers. But what about dares? Apparently, they have nothing to do with answering questions. But hey…..did you know that Truth or Dares could up creating a very interesting conversation? Ooh yes….they are a great platform of getting to learn about friends even though if not well handled, they could cause an embarrassment; thanks to some outrageous dares.

But to have an incredibly embarrassing game of truth or dare, it is strongly recommended to exercise some caution. And here are some great ideas that would help anyone get started…..we are talking about dares for guys, which could involve a ton of truth questions. Let’s make it all fun: –

  1. Where is the strangest place you have peed?
  2. What terrible thing have you done that you lied to cover up?
  3. What is the most embarrassing photo you have on your phone?
  4. What are you most afraid of?
  5. Have you ever been rejected or rejected someone?
  6. What do you really hope your parents never find out about?
  7. What bad thing have you done that no one else found out about?
  8. What is the most embarrassing thing in your room?
  9. What secret about yourself did you tell someone in confidence and then they told a lot of other people?
  10. When was the last time you picked your nose without a tissue?

And what about if you have to ask some personal questions? Ensure you are at peace with the kind of relationship you have with the guy. But nevertheless here are some questions you can ask: –

  1. Who is your crush?
  2. What was the most awkward romantic encounter you have had?
  3. Who have you loved but they didn’t love you back?
  4. Why did you break up with your last girlfriend?
  5. What pet names have you given your girlfriends?
  6. What do you admire most in women?
  7. Who is the person you most regret kissing?
  8. Tell me about your most awkward date.
  9. Have you ever cheated or been cheated on?
  10. What mistake do you always make with girls?
  11. Have you ever cried over a woman?
  12. Tell me about your first kiss.
  13. Tell me about a when someone unexpectedly walked in on you while you were naked.

What about trying out the following dares?

  1. Give someone your phone and let them send one text to anyone in your contacts.
  2. Sniff the armpits of everyone in the room.
  3. Kiss the person on your left
  4. Seduce a member of the same gender in the group.
  5. Get kick on your ass by someone of your choice.
  6. Imitate a celebrity of the group’s choice every three minutes of your talking.
  7. Let the person to your left draw something of their choice to your face.
  8. Let someone shave any part of your body
  9. Do some skinny- diving
  10. Walk around the neighborhood with your pants on your head.
  11. Let us wax your eyebrows.
  12. Eat a tablespoon of hot sauce.
  13. Exchange a few encounters with the person in front of you.
  14. Crash two eggs on the palm of your hand.
  15. Let the group give you a new hairstyle.
  16. Let the person next to you go through your phone for 2 seconds.
  17. Compose a poem on the spot based on something the group comes up with
  18. Choose someone from the group to give you a spanking.
  19. Drag your butt on the carpet like a dog from one end of the room to the other.
  20. Act like whatever animal someone yells out for the next 1 minute.
  21. Drop something in the toilet and then reach in to get it.
  22. Transfer an ice cube from your mouth to the person’s mouth on your right.
  23. Text your crush that you like her.
  24. Make a tea out of something that isn’t tea (but isn’t dangerous / toxic) and drink it.
  25. Post an extremely unflattering picture of yourself to the social media outlet of your choosing.
  26. Walk on your hands from one side of the room to the other.
  27. Beg and plead the person to your right not to leave you for that other girl.

You can find some good questions video tag on YouTube as well as would you rather questions is also a good option for looking at some more questions.

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