Designer Andrew Dyrdahl is designing a formal dress for Actress Ann Mahoney of THE WALKING DEAD to wear for her red carpet premiere at Madison Square Garden on October 9th.

This dress is unlike any others because it is made from a recycled military parachute. In order to wear a unique dress like this, it is important to know how to work with it.

Ann Mahoney

Dyrdahl said, “Wearing a recycled parachute dress is not for everyone. As soon as people know you are wearing something recycled, let alone a parachute, they will be talking about you. Sometimes people can be mean and if you can’t handle the attention then you should probably choose another style of dress.”

Actress Ann Mahoney said ,”A dress like this is perfect because I love that it allows me to be bold and proud of who I am.


Ann “This dress has a very special meaning for me. My mother-in-law heard about my dress and told me this story. In 1945, in Hungary, my mother-in-law had survived the Holocaust, but supplies like food, clothing, and other necessities were scarce.

The American troops were dropping bright orange and red parachutes full of supplies. After the American troops collected their supplies, the Holocaust survivors, would compile the parachutes and make clothing out of them. When my mother-in-law told me this story we thought it was such a brilliant coincidence that her first clothing after surviving the Holocaust was made out of recycled parachutes. And that my first dress on the red carpet for THE WALKING DEAD will also be made out of a recycled parachute. I got chills up and down my spine. What an extraordinary coincidence, or as I would say “a God thing.”

Andrew Dyrdahl is a Steampunk artist and fashion designer living in Seattle, WA. He has been creating avant garde fashion for 23 years and found object art for the past 7 years. Dyrdahl now takes his love for assemblage and sustainability in design into his fashion creations.
Dyrdahl, “A contrast of industry and luxury.”

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