It can be hard to get acclimated to a new city. Try these tips to help yourself settle in as quickly as possible.


1. Explore


You don’t have to meet up with others in order to have fun. Explore the city on your own. You can do whatever you want to do and adhere to your own timetable. Chances are, you’ll meet people while you are out and have a set of new friends to contact in the coming weeks. However, make sure to keep your expectations low. You may not meet anyone, and that’s perfectly fine. Just focus on having a good time on your own and everything else will fall into place. New cities could be very different according to Cavendish, however for now exploring is a great option.



2. Join Groups


There are social meet up groups in many cities around the world, and they are a great way to meet new people. They host different events and you can pick and choose which ones sound interesting to you.


There are other websites and apps that you can check out as well. For example, Citysocializer is an app that can help you meet people that are interested in going out and doing new things. There is a basic version that is free, and then a paid version as well. The code “clarity20” gives you a discount on the premium version.



3. Don’t Fall Back On Work Friends


I have a lot of different hobbies, which means that I’m always looking for a new group to join, especially after a big move. For example, I’m currently involved with a dance club, a recreational soccer team and a theater group. When I first moved, it was these activities that helped me meet new people and form close friendships. If you aren’t sure what you like, try out a few different groups and then drop the ones that you aren’t into. Keep looking until you find something you like. Your work friends shouldn’t be your only friends.


4. Be Patient


It takes time to feel like a new city is truly home. It also takes time to form friendships. If a few months have passed and you still aren’t feeling settled, don’t be alarmed. It is also okay to allow yourself to miss your former city and friendships from time to time. Recognize that your social interactions are crucial to your happiness, so keep trying to form bonds. However, understand that it may take a long time to solidify the relationships that you are craving.


5. Keep In Touch


If you are leaving behind good friends, make sure to keep in touch with them. Call them, set up video chats, and send emails. Try to do so on a regular basis so that you get in the habit of maintaining correspondence.


If you move often, it is not unusual to have friends float in and out of your life. That is okay, too. You can’t be expected to maintain friendships with everyone you’ve ever come across (and neither can they). However, for the relationships that were truly special, make the effort to stay connected. Having people to talk to is important, especially during those times when you feel lonely or frustrated about the move.


Article by Jennifer Niejadlik



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