On Thursday, May 19th, 2016, couture designers from Brazil, Dubai-UAE, England, Estonia, France, Lebanon, the USA presented their collections at Tiffany’s Red Carpet Fashion Show at the 5 star Carlton Intercontinental Hotel.

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Couture House Danat Al Afrah, Maire Valdma, Lina Cahill, Mirela Novak, Ocansey Bianchi and Tiffany McCall Couture all presented new collections on the white carpet runway under the glittering chandeliers of the Carlton Hotel’s Grand Ballroom. Accessories designers Carmen Steffens and Rodeo Designs showcased their beautiful items including stiletto shoes and clutch bags.

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Scheduled during the 69th Cannes Film Festival, the event attracted an international and diplomatic audience including French actor and celebrity Samy Naceri, British actress Jamie Lee Hill and fellow-Brit, actor Nicolas Faraday. Also on the guest list were Chinese diplomatic ministers, chanteuse Germaine Giles, Austrian designer Anastasja Trajkovska, Rosana Golden (CEO of the Monaco International Film Festival), Vogue Brazil and members of Budapest’s high society circles.


Headlining among the models was Russian beauty Natalia Kapchuk, with all other girls hand-chosen from ex-supermodel Carolien ter Linden’s agency Passarella Moda. The catwalk presentation was opened and closed in spectacular style by the strikingly beautiful American flamenco dancer Melanie Buttarazzi, while singer Judi Beecher dazzled  guests with her vocal talents half-way through.
















Designer/Producer Tiffany McCall, said that the event was ”a great outlet for International Designers to present their collections to actors, actresses and film producers from around the world and for creating future collaborations within the film and fashion industry.”

Opportunities exist during and after film festivals like Cannes such as Venice and Toronto as well as in dressing celebrities on the Red Carpet (possibly the world’s most visible couture catwalk!) where designer’s garments are worn in an ultra-high public arena and sold to clients within the international film industry. Tiffany’s Red Carpet Week also becomes a showcase of the design collections for costume designers who may wish to buy pieces for the movies they are working on, and all the while enhances and strengthens the relationship between Fashion and Film.



















The ambitious aim of this unique event was to bring together exceptional talent from around the world together on one stage, in the midst of the charm and glamour of the French Riviera, to present design collections to actresses, film producers, music producers and the entire film industry. Here, in a world steeped in luxury and high fashion, designers are able to unveil collections for individual buyers and offer their creations and talents to style the wardrobes of future film productions and actresses at gala events.

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The Festival de Cannes is a celebration of art, fashion and all things beautiful. It is famous for being one of the most glamorous social events: eleven days of film premieres, red carpets parties and the famous walk of the Palais des Festival’s Red Carpet Stairs.
Tiffany’s Red Carpet Week chose this international event to promote breathtaking fashion trends from around the world. Young and newly established designers presented their best designs, some in the french debut. The whole event was live-streamed by Netrunway.com and broadcast across the globe on Luxe.TV, an official partner.

Tiffany's Fashion Week - Natalia Kapchuk - Cannes 2016

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