Très chic, super classy, with a range of more modern styles, to the classic Patent heel, Tiannia Barnes is the designer behind the gorgeous footwear, Tiannia Barnes shoes, offering a range of stylish footwear for women from her high-end collections.

The designer–Tiannia Barnes, specialises in making shoes that are both comfortable, yet still highly fashionable, intended toward women who are interested in keeping up with the latest fashion trends and looking fabulous in their day to day lives. “My goal is to change the face of high end footwear. It is possible to wear sexy 5 inch heels without sacrificing style or ending up at the podiatrist.”

Starting as a professional at a global IT and consulting firm, Barnes decided to choose another path for her career after realising her gift for designing footwear, one day while making sketches.

Even though she didn’t have previous experience in the industry, she had a degree in industrial engineering and says “engineering is about creating, it’s about having a foundation and building off of that,” which led to her true success in the world of woman’s footwear.

These luxury shoes will add a touch of elegance, class and poise to a woman’s life.

“My hope is when women wear my designs, each may recall the moment in her own life that defined her path”–Tiannia Barnes.

Article by Evan Terry

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