Winter is upon us, which means it’s time to dig out the old winter wardrobe and pick up some new pieces to help keep us warm as the colder days draw in.


However, the good news is that many of the staples of autumn and winter from previous years still hold up in 2017, so you should have some pieces which you can reuse.


Still, there’s no reason you can’t give your wardrobe a refresh, so here are three of our favourite winter trends for 2017.


If we had to pick one colour which will sum up winter 2017, it would have to be red. Having appeared all over catwalks from London to Milan, the great news is that it’s actually fairly easy to pull off (even if you aren’t a supermodel!)



In fact, did you know that red is the most flattering colour of all, regardless of your skin tone, according to research? If science says so, it must be true!


Instead of pairing a red top with the rest of your outfit, or just picking out a cute red handbag, influencers this year are embracing a full, head to toe block of colour.


In terms of shade, experiment until you find the one that’s right for you. Whether it’s a bright, primary red or darker hues like crimson and burgundy, you’ll be sure to find something that suits you.


A popular option this season has been to pair up red with a fuchsia, like in this article from Tatler.


Say It Loud and Proud

T-shirts are becoming statement pieces in both senses of the word, with more and more brands emblazoning their tees with empowering and funny slogans. However serious the message, slogans tees were a main fixture on the catwalks this year.


Even brands that would usually rely more on their logo are opting to choose something to say instead, some of which are quickly taking on an iconic status. White tees with red lettering are proving to be particularly popular, but it’s all about the message that you choose. Here are some of our favourites, in an extensive post from Glamour!

miss-empire-fashion-shopping2 miss-empire-fashion-shopping1

Missy Empire are really crushing the slogan t-shirt game at the moment, so be sure to head over to their Slogan Shop to make sure you stay on trend this season!


Flashy Tights

Tights have often been an afterthought when it comes to our outfits, but this winter, they’re taking centre stage. While shoes and handbags have previously been among the best ways to accessorise an outfit, it’s time to embrace flashy and fancy tights.


Whether they’re fluffy and nerdy looking, or harking back to the 1980s with some white bridal-style tights, there’s a lot of scope to be more adventurous with your leggings this winter.


A popular trend which has carried over from last year is that of wearing tights under denim. It may sound a bit crazy but check out this post from Who What Wear and prepare to be won over!



So whether you’re updating a tired looking wardrobe or having a fully-fledged winter makeover, consider incorporating some of the styles above!



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