Miami swim week is an occasion that’s been around for quite a while, attracting many fashion lovers from all around. As you probably know, Miami is known for its tropical weather and how important it is to have a hot beach bod for its dwellers who live there, so what better destination is there to showcase fabulous swimwear than Miami?

If you’re one of these fashion lovers and enjoy what each season brings in terms of its different and unique designs and styles from one another, then you’ll fall in love with the kind of beach wear presented at the Miami Swim Week. Bikinis and other kinds of swim attire, some might see as simple and not particularly something they’d consider ever being haute couture, but don’t realise how important it can be to those who enjoy a nice sunbathe or who want to look amazing on holiday, for them to have the perfect swim pieces. Whether you’re wining and dining, or relaxing by the pool, if fashion is important to you, then you want to look your best at all times and you understand how expressing yourself through your outfits can make you feel like a million dollars. If you want to feel cute at the beach then why not spend your money on cute beachwear?

Many fabulous designers presented their work at the Planet Fashion event, an event you won’t want to miss in the future, for those into fashion. It was there sixth time participating in the Miami Swim week and most certainly won’t be there last.  


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Last year we saw designer Audrey Swanson, owner of Revel Rey Swim, showcasing her gorgeous swimwear designs which are either hand printed or graphically made by herself, showing her amazing talent to create swimwear that is not only, vibrant and sleek, but also luxurious and appealing to the eye, a work of art, that can most definitely be considered high end fashion.

This year however a more renowned designer, the très fabuleux Roberto Cavalli, made a special presentation on the opening night at the Loews Hotel where the event was being held, as well as others like, the luxury swimwear brand Lascana, Paramidonna swimwear and many others.

If you ever have the opportunity to make it to the Miami Swim week, don’t let it go. It’s the perfect chance for fashion lovers to enjoy an occasion that combines the ordinary swim piece, with high end designs, creating art in the world of Fashion.

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