Missoni is a luxury Italian brand, with unique designs that give them a notable and distinguished look.

Their knitted wear creatively innovative alongside their patterns, with bright colours to add to their distinctive appearance.

High end fashions creating a true spectacle when worn down the runway, which will undoubtedly have the same affects in a normal setting and will make anybody stand out in the crowd, for all good reasons.

Missoni puts their own trendy spin on the original way of creating knitwear, making an old technique seem modern.

They got their recognisable look from the collaboration between the couple Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, where they began their family business in knitwear back in 1953, their styles becoming a big influence on the Italian fashion.    

Their range can be found in store or on their online website http://www.missoni.com/gb/landing/special and their bold collections can also be found at Harrods, the luxury department store.

Article by Evan Terry


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