Manfredonia New York, is a fashion brand from Anthony Manfredonia, who combines his Italian background, with his influence from America, together to create his Haute Couture collection and is known for using traditional techniques in the making of his garments and adapting them to modern styles.

He’s worked alongside some of the world’s most influential faces in fashion and in the public eye.

He’s managed to collaborate with the award winning pop star, actress and entrepreneur, Beyoncé in her “No Angel” music video, from her 2013 number one album “Beyoncé,” where she’s seen wearing “Manfredonia NY’s Spring 2014 Tao Corset & Yangtse Swimsuit.”

Other celebrities like the LGBT advocate, Laverne Cox, the American actress and reality TV star, is seen in the Manfredonia “custom made alligator bustier dress.”

Manfredonia NY has also has also featured in some of the world’s most well known magazine franchises, in magazines like Nylon, L’official and Schön.

Article by Evan Terry

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