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Hosted at Double Tree Hotel, Marble Arch

 Kaoska was celebrating the latest Fashion trends of this season on Saturday 16th September 2017 at 6pm at the Double Tree by Hilton London-Marble Arch Hotel. Kaoska Fashion Show is an annual event launching the upcoming designers, showcasing their collection and introducing them to the community of fashion retailers, media and celebrities. This year Kaoska Fashion House is supporting the British Heart foundation, attracting prominent people from the film, TV and media industry, who come together with promising investment opportunities and key connections from the showbiz industry.

Kaoska event was held during the London Fashion Week and was going to take place at the DoubleTree by Hilton London-Marble Arch Hotel. It was created to promote local designers with key fashion business names. This event was a great opportunity to learn about new fashion trends, get inspired and network with the industry professionals and celebrity guests.

The man behind it all explains: “I am so pleased the event last year was another huge success. It is truly inspirational to see designers having their big opportunity on the London stage. By introducing them to the key industry buyers, it really helps provide a key networking opportunity. We have a great team working on this event. I’m also especially pleased this year to be fundraising at the event for the British heart foundation & launching the Chinese cultural brand Lidao which is sponsored by Nanjing deisgn gallery UK. We are also launching the platform fashion creative app, which is focused on bringing together career development opportunities worldwide” explains Nomy Khan, managing director, and founder of Kaoska Fashion House UK Ltd.


Fashion Designers in the show:

Lidao – Nanjing Design gallery UK
Lidao was established last year to promote cultural heritage of China through the medium of fashion, introducing the finest design of historical works of art into people’s daily life. Lidao would like to encourage people to learn about the traditional Chines lifestyle, not just in museums but through the contemporary fashion design. Lidao as a platform promotes chines enterprises worldwide.

Louqa, a sterling silver fashion jewellery company started in London by two friends: Dominika and Claas. Louqa bracelets and bangles are designed with strong women in mind, women who lead busy lives but are always wanting to make a statement. Louqa delivers bold contemporary design concepts and fine craftsmanship to create elevated everyday jewellery for women who will make a difference and are not afraid to be noticed. Designed in London, manufactured in Europe, it is a fusion of quality sterling silver manufacturing and contemporary design to elevate your everyday.

Ka-Viva Jewels
‘Beauty inspired’ jewels that are built to radiate style for women of all ages, be it a modern fashionista or business woman or celebrity, preparing for a glamorous red-carpet moment. The current collection embraces the Indian Heritage and European contemporary style, featuring the elements of Nature and animal Kingdom.
Thriving success of Ka-Viva for ladies on the runways, Beauty Pageants and Bollywood, encouraged the creators to introduce a line of accessories for men.
Attention to details and excellent craftsmanship differentiate Ka-Viva jewels with beauty, power and soul.


Tomasz Kociuba
Tomasz Kociuba designs are inspired by the black and white cinema noir and the classic flair of the 40ies and 50ies era. Tomasz likes to experiment with the fabrics and mix different materials, adding a creative energy to the classic slick design. Every piece of the current autumn and winter collection is very unique and detailed, with elements of the animal prints, black leather, chiffon and wood pattern. This classy and sophisticated design was featured in magazines like: L’Officiel, Jute Magazine, Estetica Magazine, Bisous Magazine.


Adriana Subda

Adriana Subda is a Haute Couture fashion designer and the owner of the Wedding Fashion Company “The-A Fashion”. She designs bridal collections for shops and also exclusive, unique Haute Couture dresses. These are a form of art designed especially for shows and aiming to communicate a meaningful message. Adriana’s designs have appeared in many magazines in Poland and the United Kingdom, including magazine covers. Adriana is currently looking for investors who could support further growth of her company.

Margarida Silva

Margarida is our youngest designer from Portugal.
Margarida Miranda presenting a collection inspired by Rajasthani culture and western fashion and exploring their differences and similarities using fabrics and embroideries from Rajasthani culture and putting them in innovative western silhouettes. It also shows a combination of upcycling clothes and conventionally made creations. High quality work with innovative and different yet wearable pieces that stand out

























Written by Pasha Truelove (fb: Pasha.truelove)16143827_677273829110455_5637096777105121497_o-1

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