Here at Consort News we were given the great opportunity to interview Ramona Agruma ( whom we had the pleasure of meeting at Cannes Film Festival 2014. Ramona was working alongside celebrities who were attending the catwalks, and collaborating with other fashion events and projects.

Ramona Agruma Ramona Agruma agruma

Give us a little background, how did you get into art, design?
Ramona: I was studying law actually and being a jewellery designer was never my goal till I had the opportunity to visit the inside of a jewellery production atelier. That was around three years ago and life changed from that moment on. 

What lead you to beginning to work with jewellery?
Ramona: I was totally excited about the artistry of a jeweller and I knew then, I wanted to create something of my own. For me, design sketches were not the most interesting part, physically working with gems and metals was much more exciting!

What is your process in creating these pieces?
Ramona: Inspiration always comes first and then hours of work in the production and refining until I am satisfied with the final result.

Ramona Agruma2ramona agruma ramonaramona4

What are your favorite gem stones?
Ramona: I like diamonds and emeralds, but I am still more attracted to jewellery piece as just to a gemstone.

What inspires your designs?
Ramona: I can be inspired by nature or a cityscape, but mostly I find inspiration from fairytales and fantasy. Movies and actresses are so inspiring too. Sometimes I dedicate jewellery pieces to someone special, to one of my amazing friends!

What places inspire you the most?
Ramona: I love Paris it’s a great city to get inspiration from – the beauty of architecture and the atmosphere. I love Los Angeles; I’ve never seen so many beautiful people per square mile as I see in LA. surrounded like that, how can you not get inspired?!

Who are your favorite designers?
Ramona: Well… I don’t have just only one favourite designer; there are so many talented and amazing designers. I like jewellery from one designer, shoes from other, bags from another. It’s really hard for me to say, but I think Thomas Wylde is really cool.

Ramona Agruma www.delys-joaillerie (14) Ramona Agruma www.delys-joaillerie (16) Ramona Agruma www.delys-joaillerie (12)Ramona Agruma www.delys-joaillerie (9)

When and where did you start designing jewellery?
Ramona: I founded DeLys joaillerie in October 2012, but first creations came six months earlier.

What is your favorite piece of your own jewellery?
Ramona: I am in love with DeLys Royal Lily ring! It’s probably my favorite piece.

What is your favorite piece of jewellery from another designer?
Ramona: Oh my… That’s hard to say… I like many pieces from BVLGARI, Chopard and De Grisogono. I couldn’t choose only one.

Ramona Agruma www.delys-joaillerie (3)Ramona Agruma www.delys-joaillerie (6)

What are your goals you would like to achieve for your jewellery brand?
Ramona: My goal is to build collaborations with one or several fashion designers I like.
And a big dream I have is to make an AD campaign film with one of my favorite actresses – Sharon Stone.

To find out more about Ramona please explore:

Ramona Agruma www.delys-joaillerieRamona Agruma www.delys-joaillerie (19)


Interviewed by Penelope Brooke-Hamilton

Penelope Brooke-Hamilton

Penelope Brooke-Hamilton


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