One-of-a-kind backpack collection kicks off on Kickstarter

HERO NEW YORK launches its first-ever limited-edition collection on Kickstarter. HERO NEW YORK makes bold backpacks that carry confidence, designed to inspire your inner hero.


The first 50 backpacks are 25% off:

Each HERO NEW YORK backpack comes with a collectible trading card of a hero from history with a unique story. “If kids can see it, they can be it,” founder Alissa Lentz says. “Our diverse set of heroes show kids that you can make history, no matter where you’ve come from.”

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Two sizes of backpacks and a pencil case are available. The small backpack is designed for elementary school. The large backpack is designed for middle/high school, and young-at-heart adults. It is equipped with a padded laptop sleeve pocket for a 15″ laptop.

The collection uses fun, eye-catching, gender-neutral colors and patterns. Kickstarter supporters can select from eleven color options.


Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that gives the community the power to bring new ideas to life. “HERO NEW YORK is inspired by the idea that together, we can build a better world. Our supporters are literally launching our company,” says Alissa. If enough people pre-order a backpack, we’ll be able to move into our first-ever production run.”

To thank early supporters, HERO NEW YORK is offering Kickstarter-only perks. Backpacks that are ordered during the campaign have a specialty ‘Original Hero’ logo that shows the backpack is from HERO NEW YORK’s first-ever production run.

HERO NEW YORK backpacks are made of a strong, military-grade, water-resistant cotton canvas. For nighttime safety, the backpacks have reflective detailing on the front, sides and straps. HERO NEW YORK uses digital printing, an alternative to screen printing that minimizes water waste.



Each HERO NEW YORK purchase supports education. This year’s contributions will go to High School of the Fashion Industries, an NY public school where 76% of students live below the poverty line, yet 91% of students graduate and 82% continue to college. HERO NEW YORK will provide scholarship funding and host design/business workshops.

The debut back-to-school collection is available for pre-order until August 19th. The backpacks will be shipped after the campaign closes:

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About the Founder: The collection was born out of the childhood story of our founder, Alissa Lentz. A first-generation immigrant from Russia, Alissa struggled to fit in, but when a friend drew a cartoon superhero inside Alissa’s backpack, a hero ignited in her. Now Alissa wants everyone who might think they don’t fit in to feel like a superhero. So in every HERO NEW YORK backpack, she places a collectible trading card of a unique hero from history to inspire and empower today’s youth.


Help HERO NEW YORK launch at:

Inspire your inner hero. Join the #HEROtribe on Instagram @herobackpacks and Facebook at









By Penelope Brooke-Hamilton

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