“When your in a business meeting wearing a three piece suit and you know you have a sequenced jock strap underneath, how f@%king fun is that?” – Rusty Bell

Saturated, sexy and retro hip, the collection draws attention. A vibrant palette of blue and green patina, yellow curry and FF1493 (hot pink). The hyper color and cool-table mood centers around designer, Rusty Bell’s Washington D.C. stepping out.

“In fashion and in life everyone is leaning back towards the 90’s. The reason for that is because we were so prosperous. Going back to that way and time is a way for me to express myself.” says, Rusty. “I used to go to Georgetown and go shopping. Buy my giant platform shoes. Get my JNCO jeans, slice them up. Put inserts in them. Put that on with a too tight baby doll t-shirt and just start dancing around the club.”

The White Buffalo Art Gallery takes enthusiasts behind the scenes, for a glimpse into the collections Spring look book. The online video features interviews with Rusty Bell and Dallas photographer and Cirque du Soleil choreographer, Nathan Scott. Model and Andrew Christian Contest finalist, Nick Relyt Stracener. Also, Jeff Lainer, BJ McKinney, Lila Skids and Marita West.

From http://www.thriiiformen.com/: The husband and husband team of Corey and Rusty Bell started thrIII for two reasons, for Corey it was about fit and finding the right pair of underwear, for Rusty it was a chance to take his love of mens underwear and his passion for designing great clothing to the next level. The White Buffalo Art Gallery is a production company that specializes in the visual storytelling of queer art, culture and LGBTQ entertainment.




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