Couture designer Anastasja Trajkovska founded her eponymous label in pursuit of her passion to bring to life designs that create a secret story. Her creations symbolise a distinct individualism, they sparkle with sensuality, and celebrate femininity. With a love for detail and perfect alignment, Anastasja designs pieces that have a hedonic and modern look at the same time. What might seem contrasting at first sight becomes unmistakably chic at a second glance. Ostensible contrasts are harmoniously interconnected. Exclusivity is interpreted in a subtle, playful way.


Can you tell us a little about your background and training?

I was born in Skopje, Macedonia. I spent several years as a ballerina and become involved in a lot of theatre. But I was always fascinated by the costumes, far more so than the acting, and so even at this early stage in my childhood, I started to sketch fashion drawings. I opted to study and dedicate myself to psychology but even here, I never stopped creating and designing.

During the 90s, my sister and I decided to immigrate to Austria, where I conducted my studies. We lived in Vienna and also spent considerable time in Milan. My other loves are my animals, I have a two dog and a horse who I adore riding. Reading and exploring narrative and design in movies is my perfect idea of an inspired chill out.

How did you make the leap from psychology to fashion?

In a curious way, I didn´t really deviate from psychology. “Fashion is psychology” with its influence upon the behaviour of the individual. Fashion is expression of emotions and identity and a way to reflect on our society and the current situation. The whole process, from a rough pencil vision to the polished end result, has a holistic sense of self that I’m thinking about when I’m designing. For me, it has always been about making women feel more beautiful and confident by wearing my clothes. I’d love for my dresses to uplift women, to inspire confidence and an aura of beauty. Consequently, in designing, there is a certain level of complexity and deliberation.

How do you design for women and what are your design philosophies?

I design for the woman who is not afraid of being elegant, feminine and independent. Woman should wear clothes that are flattering to their figure and celebrate femininity.

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How would you describe your creations?

My creations signify straight-lined elegance. I love playing with contrasts in texture, weight, colour and line. I combine modern sensuality with a sense of fantasy and purity that always enhances and underlines the feminine silhouette.

Where do you get your inspiration?

From everywhere. Art. Books. Movies. Especially fairytales. My last haute couture collection was greatly influenced by the Grimm’s fairytales. I wanted it to be very strong but at the same time delicate and feminine. We created an elaborate photo-shoot in a church with beautiful painted iconography to showcase a collection of exquisite robes. I think, that Fashion, Art and psychology are inseparable and exploring this creatively is an incredible journey of discovery and wonderment for me.

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How do you select your fabrics and other materials? What do you look for from them?

My sister has a fabric store and we work closely together. The synergy is perfect. We choose and buy the fabrics together while attending the international fairs in Paris and Milan. Making collaborations even easier is the fact that our tailors share a building and atelier with the manufactory. Ours is a family business, headed by my sister and I. Elizabetha is the administrative force and I am the creative.

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Do you seek to be the face of your brand?

I try to embody my brand in a genuine way. It is the most important thing to believe in the clothes you are creating. You have to be brave in what you’re doing and be free from the anxiety of influence of the predecessors. Being a good fashion designer is difficult enough yet despite this, you should be a loud interpreter of the moment. Free and independent and not a follower of trends. I love creating timeless fashion.

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What is your favourite part about being a fashion designer?

Couture design is a whole process and for me it’s difficult to isolate the part I like the best, but I find the most challenging part of the process is translating your drawing into a real piece. When vision becomes reality. In this case, you get to see it animated and alive and on somebody’s body. It’s like living art and a very special moment.


Interviewed by Penelope Brooke-Hamilton


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