Consort PR & Santa Chiara Presents:
The Glass Slippers Masquerade Ball 
Banquet and After Party
Experience an Unforgettable Enchanted Evening of Fine Dining, Opera,
Entertainment and Dancing Till The Early Morning.
Float into a world of Art, Music and Pure Romance.
Date: Friday 9th of February 2018
Banquet (Sit Down Table + Free Drinks) Time: 20.00
Banquet (Stand Up Buffet + Free Drinks) Time: 20.00
After Party Time (No Food – Free Drinks and Music): Time: 22.30
Costume/ Formal Attire and Mask are Mandatory.
Ex Chiesa di Santa Chiara,
Banquet (Sit Down Table + Free Drinks + Boat Pick Up) – 180 Euros Per Person
Banquet (Stand Up Buffet + Free Drinks) –  110 Euros Per Person
After Party Time (No Food – only free drinks)- 50 Euros Per Person
Closest Hotel: LaGare Hotel Venezia, Murano
Recommended Costumier/ Atelier: Sogno Veneziano
Boat Ferry From and To Venice Island included in the price.
All night from 19.50pm to 03.00am. Reservation for taxi requested.
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